Saturday, January 28, 2006

Blogiversary Winners

Elena cut out the names, folded them, placed them in the bowl, mixed them closed her eyes and chose and the winner is WENDY! She will get a Marvelous Fulled Mini Tote, a 440 yard hank of 100% merino wool (hand dyed), and a few stitch markers.

I added a 2nd place winner to and it's Dani, who claims she never wins anything! Well, looky here, you did! You won a few big cakes of prewound (the only way to get this stuff) hand-dyed lace/fingering weight wool. Please send me your mailing info.

The answer was The Sugar House by Laura Lippman, one of my favorite mystery writers. It's a Baltimore based series and when we went to Baltimore in August, our hotel was across the harbor from the Domino Sugar plant. I was so excited, I snapped several pics (none turned out well). My husband thought I was the biggest dork on earth, but what else is new.

Ladies, I will get your packages out some time next week.


Snooze said...

I'm a new reader (and a former Jersy Girl...grew up in Nutley and Sparta) and I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

I am also totally blown away at the setup of the blog and the very interesting html and dhtml things you've made it do...pretty impressive...and then there's the content too! {ggg}

I'll be back!

Kathy said...

I knew I knew WHERE the pic was from, but not what book! Lived in MD for a few years when I was a kid, and still prefer to go thru Baltimore Harbor Tunnel on the way North.

Wendy said...

Yay!! I have been quite the winner lately. Thanks! I have to admit the only reason I entered your contest was so I could get one of your fulled bags. I know I could make one myself, but it wouldn't be the same, you know. There is something special about getting a handmade gift from someone else. I am so thrilled. :)

Jewels said...

Congrats Wendy and Dani!! Well this book is on one of my profs TO READ list so I knew it. Now that I read more what her writing is like I think I'll have to check out the books by her too.

Dani said...

YAY! Thanks so much! And really I dont ever win things so maybe you will be the start of a string of better winning luck? (Any lotto numbers you wanna share with me? LOL)

Thanks again for adding a second place =)

Amanda said...

I was just reading through your older blog entries and I just want to say that I freakin' love your stove!!!!!!

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