Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Icky ass day today. Last night, I was sick to my stomach and then got the chills. Woke up with 101.9 temp this AM after a restless, tossing, turning night. Don't know why. Andrea mentioned sinus headache, had one for over two days now that won't go away. Generally feel like a truck hit me. Anyone with fibro know if temp comes with the flare of body aches???

I don't know if the pain patch is helping, still have pain. Unfortunately, because of the high temp, the damn patch came off last night and then the new one fell off today. They only give you so many. I had to tape another new one on with first aid tape.

Anyway, I don't feel real productive. I did haul my ass out of the house today to get the chest x-ray and the lab work done, finally. I do want answers. The wait for the x-ray was over an hour, which sucked. They claim the doctor will get the results tomorrow, so I'll call and see. My breathing is bothering me, breathlessness, but the pain med can do that too.

Enough of this crapola, onto crochet:
I did mittens yesterday for Elena in wool and fulled them today. They are drying. I think the bottom is a little wide, but they came out pretty cute. They were ginormous when I finished them, fit me, but did shrink down a bit. I'll try them on her tomorrow when they dry-pics then too.

I am trying to write up a few patterns for CPR to sell, but my creative juices feel the pressure and are fighting back. Last night I must have started, frogged and restarted stuff 100 times. Today I am working on an easy shawl, can be done in a day, is warm, etc. I know I have to work on the Ticker Tape Poncho, but don't feel like messing with the tape yarn. I want to put both patterns on at once too-so I best get motivated.

I also want to do another "Well-Traveled Bag" in the Cascade and another mini-tote, just feel a little bored with bags and almost all projects lately. I'm just out of it and blah!

Other stuff:

My little brother (okay, he's 35, but still) came over last night for dinner. His wife is in China for two weeks and he had been sick for a week, poor guy. Anyway, he announced to me that he may move back to Shanghai for 5 years for a job. I can't tell you how heartbroken I am. Let me explain, I would never hold him back, but he has a great job here in the US. His job pays great, he loves his employers, etc. His wife has a good job, loves the US, etc. The job in China doesn't pay much more, plus he forgets how much he hated living in Shanghai-the pollution, the amount of people, falling down steps cause his damn feet were too big, the food, getting two funky viruses and ending up in the hospital twice, not being able to find underwear that fit properly, etc. I hope he doesn't go. He's my only sib, my daughter's only "local" uncle, etc.

I miss Jessi blogging!

Deepest sympathies to Vicki on the passing of her mother. My thoughts are with you and your family.


Mimi said...

The mittens are very nice, Deneen! I do hope to see your pattern/s at CPR soon, but relax, maybe you are just hurrying yourself.
I think I understand how you feel with your brother's plan moving to China. I was also heartbroken when my brother and his family migrated to Australia. And lately, when my sister went to UK and possibly marry a European. I never discouraged them, but I was really sad inside, but I showed them I'm happy that what they've decided to do with their life will make them better and happier with it.

SUsie said...

Hi...I'm a de-lurking reader, another fibromite. I started using the pain patches but personally had problems because I started having panic attacks which the doc believed was related, so back to pain meds I went. Dh uses a Duragesic patch (herniated disc pain) that falls off within minutes of being applied no matter how he does it. There *is* an answer: ask your pharmacist. The company that makes the patches is aware of the adhesion problem, and makes a cover patch to keep the thing on. I do believe that they will give them to you at no cost, but you have to ask and be persistent.

On a happier note, I really enjoy your blog. And happy bloggiversary to you!

Susie...a former Jersey Girl

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