Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ack! It Can't Be Morning Already

Ack! The damn Drake and Josh movie was awful, but Elena informed me she was really "into it". She also cleaned out all her old videos proclaiming Dragon Tales and The Big Comfy Couch as "babyish and lame-o". Where did the time go?

In any event, I also realized waking up at 4:45 AM and taking my meds so early bites me in the ass that night. The Prednisone has long worn off, the hands hurt like hell and I am basically useless. Another vicious circle I have gotten myself into.

The cramps in my legs are still strong despite drinking 32 ounces of PowerAde last night, hoping more today will help. I had planned to going out a little and picking up Elena some "needs" from last month, but I don't know now. Supposed to be freezing cold today and if the hands don't feel any better........I also am having sinus issues with headaches-never, ever ends.

Last night I crawled up to bed at 10 and Elena followed shortly thereafter with the announcement she wanted to sleep with me, could dad sleep in her bed. Of course, I was so tired, I agreed. What ensued was about 10 minutes of her rubbing her feet all over me to "cuddle", followed by her falling asleep. About two hours later I woke up to what sounded like a chain saw in my ear-nope, Elena snoring more loudly than her father does. This went on for about 1/2 hour. I had a raging sinus headache and was too sore and tired to move. When I finally did fall back asleep, it was that weird dreams sort of sleep that bites.

Anyway, at 5:45, I woke up and tried to creep out of bed-nope, Elena sat up and stated she was getting up too. I am in for a grumpy kid this AM. I mentioned her snoring and she got so bent out of shape about it (I DO NOT SNORE!), it wasn't worth teasing her about.

I am hoping my hands feel better today. I want to finish Norm's scarf (it's a funky, old school design I did and I'm not sure about it, but would hate to frog the whole thing) and then maybe start an Ophelia for me. I want to start a shrug for my SIL b'day, but I need her measurements and I keep forgetting to call her. My mom also wants a poncho like the Amore one I did, but I have to get the yarn to do it. I decided to stop the Fendi Bag CAL-I really hate the yarn and the pattern. I also have to finish a secret project. I wanna full something too-perhaps a Well Traveled Bag or even one of my Marvelous Mini Totes made a little bigger with longer handles???? Yes, the mini tote maybe today. I have found now when I crochet, I just grab yarn and am bad about figuring out how much I need. Yes, it will bite me in the ass, which is why I am trying to stick with patterns and yarn I have.

I still have to place my wool swap order. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my swap partner, I hope she likes my idea.

Yes, it's early-6:45 AM Saturday, so of course I am rambling. Today I am going to spend the entire day using the "Power of Positive Thinking" and try to make my hands stop hurting! Positive thinking is such a good thing and I know it works somewhat-I just have to banish all negative thoughts.

I also plan on making three batches of pizza dough today for tomorrow. My mom wants to try our pizza since Elena keeps taunting her about it. The problem is, when you double the recipe, it doesn't turn out and I haven't tweaked it to the right water/flour ratio yet. At least with the Bosch, I can toss everything in the bowl, add the water/yeast, let it go on it's own for 4 minutes, dump it out and start over. When my mother bought my the Bosch mixer (yes, the German radio people), I had wanted a Kitchen Aid. The Bosch cost the same, but was lighter weight (she thought for when the fibro bothered me) and is super quiet. It came with a dough hook, heavy mixing beater and lighter beater. It has optional parts just like the Kitchen Aid.I do love the mixer and should use it more often. The body is smaller than the Kitchen Aid too and it's very easy to use. I love it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day planned. I am hoping to feel good enough to get out for about an hour today (yes, only Target, my baby needs undies, socks, sweatshirts, juice pouches, a ballerina outfit (with her b'day money). Hopefully by pushing the cart, it'll make it easier. She also has that gift card to Michaels, but damn I have no moolah for any shopping for me, so I don't know if I'll feel like going. I have allotted all money this month for swap/Wish List stuff/postage, which leaves me absolutely nothing for anything else. It's okay, just means no shopping in stores for a while. Didn't plan to anyway, but still hate not having the option. I do have a $100 mall gift card (Christmas gift), but I plan to use that for clothes and loathe trying on clothes, so that won't be for a few weeks. Besides, I lost a ton of weight this flare and don't know what will happen when it passes. Will I gain it back? Will it stay off like it did two years ago? Will I suddenly gain a huge amount of weight from the steroids? I lost 26 lbs in the past 5 weeks, so we shall see. Of course, from the steroids, my face looks like a rabid chipmunk carrying a winter's supply of nuts in his cheeks, but the rest of me is saggy thin, Aging is a freaking bitch too! Also, from the steroids, I found about 10, yes 10, really fine (not coarse) gray hairs sticking out of my chin! I tweezed those bitches out, but damn, I hope it was just from the 1000 mg IV thing. In any event, I don't look so hot right now, kinda drained, moon faced, gimpy. It's not a pretty site. My pants are so big, the crotch is above my knees. My shirts hang on me, ugh. Ah, who gives a shit-I just want to feel better. I've never been a fashion plate anyway!

Okay, Elizabeth, this was another long ass post-happy??????


Kari said...

Hope you have a great weekend.


Here's to positive thinking.

Natalie said...

I'm sure you probabaly didn't intend it this way, but I couldn't help laughing thru the majority of this post... The parts you write on Elena are hysterical, not to mention the chipmunk face part... I mean, I know it's not really funny, but just the humor you write with, y'know?

Stacey said...

Excuse me while I drool over your mixer for a while LOL (Someday I will have a stand mixer--but for now I've settled for a new cheapie hand mixer. I knew the old one was messed up, but I had no idea just how bad it was till I used the new one!)

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i AM happy hehe

and you will be glad to know i am on my way to do you MEME..

Kathy said...

Life it to short to work on projects you hate!

I know what you mean about cutting it close; I saw wonderful yarn at Michaels last Monday, and wound up buying NONE because I don't know how much I need for anything. Now I have a pattern for a sweater (don't laugh) and it begs to be one solid color, and do I have enough of anything? probably not.

ps dyed again, no pics till tomorrow though.

Jewels said...

I've got my breadmaker that I keep meaning to make dough for pizza with but haven't.
Thanks for the reminder for me to make one of your totes too. I've been craving something to make and felt but didn't know what.

Kimberly said...

I miss my Kitchen Aid mixer!!! It is in its little ole box back in the day I'll have it again!

Hope that you continue to feel better! Sorry that I've not been commenting much...I'll try to get better at it!


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