Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday Post

Ha! This blog has turned into a depressing pile of stinking waste! I miss crocheting and hope to get back to it in the next week-yes, in the next week. I am reading "Yarn Harlot" and, with the exception of the crochet bashing chapter, the book is okay. There is a chapter though about how the author and her friend have to go and divide stash between the two of them from a friend, who has severe rheumatoid arthritis. The arthritis had gotten to the point, where it hurt to knit. Can I tell you how sad this made me? I am praying thay my hands snap back and things will be fine, cause damn! I miss hooking!

I think this flare is about 50% improved. I don't want to go too high and jinx myself, but things are easier. Now with the respiratory infection, I'm hoping aother few more doses of the antibiotics gets me back to my old self. Also, the stomach problems are caused by the high doses of steroids I had through home IV-mucosal thinning. Generally, everytime I eat, I get sick. Quite the diet, I must say,

I am hoping to have my strength back by the end of January. Sounds far, but when you have been this sick and immobile, it takes ages to gain strength back, Hopefully by then, things will be back to the normalcy I call my life and I'll be crocheting, soap making, etc.

For all you who still read my "non-crochet" blog, thanks for humoring me!

Did anyone else have major computer problems yesterday? I'm telling you, the damn thing was loading slowly, just plain weird. Stalling like crazy. I did a virus scan, it would get to 88%, find a virus and then shut down. Took my poor husband about 3 hours to clean it all up and reload the mess. I hate when that happens. Damn virus software!


Kathy said...

I hope you can shake off the infection and start recovering. You've been miserable without a hook in your hand, and I know how much you want to get back to crocheting.

{Gentle Hugs}

Tandi said...

Deneen, I am so sorry things aren't much better. I really hope you are able to find some relief soon. Take care of yourself!

Jewels said...

I can only imagine how you must be itching to enjoy your crocheting again. I'm glad for you that you enjoy reading books for this interim period til you get better. I can picture you taking a head dive into your stash and just breathing in the wool and squishing your face in it all going "soon my little pretties, soon..." LOL

Vera said...

I read the Harlot's diss on crocheting too, and the only thing I will agree with her is that crocheting does take up much more yarn than knitting. However, she is entitled to her opinion, but I wish she could be more open minded.

Anyway, I hope you get back to crocheting soon.

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