Friday, December 02, 2005

Thank you to all!

I received a surprise in my mailbox today, well not me, but Elena. Thank you Jessi for the birthday gift for Elena. She was thrilled to pieces with the Disney Princess Coloring book, matching colored pencils and the Cinderella birthday card. She's been coloring for over two hours now.

You constantly amaze me in your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Thank you also to a few elves from across the world, Argentina and Australia. Again, you guys brightened my day!

all your e-cards, emails and good thoughts are working, I'm feeling more and more like myself with each passing hour.


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Elena!

I'm glad your feeling more like yourself, Deneen. Hope you continue to take some time for yourself, spoil yourself and just chill with your family.

Jessi said...


She looks so darn cute. Glad she liked it all! Great goodies for you too!

Vik said...

I'm happy you liked it Deneen, although knitted and not crocheted... Thank you again for your time organizing the Christmas Wish List 2005! You are great!

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