Thursday, December 29, 2005

Slogging Through

I'm still slogging (is this even a word?) through. I actually slept 6 hours straight last night, which is the most in about a month. Unfortunately, I didn't move an inch during the 6 hours and woke up stiffer than usual, but at least I slept.

This respiratory infection has whupped me-between the flare and this, I am tired. I guess the antibiotics are working, just taking a bit longer to get rid of the fever, etc. I feel better lupus-wise, except for my hands. If anyone had told me two months ago, I wouldn't be able to use my hands, I would have been incredulous. In any event, I did crochet a few rows last night, but got the hand cramps right away so stopped. Maybe I should move away from the chenille and try something more pliable with a larger hook. Of all things, I did drag out my corker for a secret project I am doing. Yes, it's slow as molasses, but I am accomplishing something!

Elena is anxious to go back to school, but not as anxious as she was two days ago. Apparently, lazing around the house, playing with new toys, watching TV, playing Scrabble Junior and Disney Guess Who? agrees with her. Mike took off tomorrow for the three day weekend and she's excited about that. My mom was over again this morning, but left around noon. She caught the cold we all have (had). Mike and Elena have also planned a "Daddy day" on Saturday which will involce Michaels for craft camp and then shopping with Elena's gift cards at Michaels or Borders (did I mention she got a $25 gift card from her aunt and uncle for Michaels and $45.00 in gift cards for Borders for her birthday and Christmas gifts? Lucky chick! Anyway, she wants, are you ready, an origami book-don't ask. She also wants to use some of her birthday money for some Polly Pockets, which, the Rock Star set was her favorite Christmas present ever. Not the bike, the $12 Polly Pocket set. She also wants the darn Amazing Amanda doll. Now, my brother wanted to get it for her for Christmas, but I told him not to. Elena hates dolls that talk, etc. They annoy the hell out of her, now she wants it. I wouldn't care, but the damn doll is $89. For $89, I hope the doll poops money too!

Anyway, Elena is already planning her lunch plans with Mike, etc. It's nice, plus it may give me a few minutes of quiet! I think we'll do Prime Rib for New Year's Eve, have a night of family game playing, which consists of Mike and Elena playing games and me dozing in and out of sleep on the recliner and ring in the new year. Sunday, Mike has decided is football snack day and will consist of snacks all day. All I know is that tomorrow, Friday, I plan to nap during the day and am looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to Mike being home for three days. He's been so terrific through all this and I feel so badly. Okay, I admit he was having a hard time accepting things at the beginning, but things have worked out and honestly, I think he's running on adrenaline now. We've made the most of this holiday time together and it's made us stronger as a family, in my opinion anyway.

Well, I have prattled on long enough. This kind of rambled on, kind of like how my thought process actually works. I don't think it was too much of a downer, as the rest have been lately and maybe, just maybe next week this time, I will actually post some crochet project I have finished! Imagine that!


Kathy said...

Have you tried a hot parrafin dip for your hands? I hear it's very comforting to some people; and I've seen the kits in Walmart where you can reuse the wax.

If I don't see you before, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, I'm so glad you have been able to keep up with your blog through all of this. . . you say your posts are downers, but really they just let us know what's going on and that you are still here, fighting and winning. I wish you so much of what's wonderful in the new year!

Jewels said...

I think the little girls all think the same,...g/f's daughter wanted baby ShuShu for months now it was all she could talk about, then when she opened it she was sooooo happy, then when she touched its face she freaked and said it felt wierd!! Her mother was rather crushed,...but when her friends all ooed and gooed ga ga over her doll then she decided she would get used to the face and maybe it would wash easier than other dolls. OMG, go figure, haha

Hey, I'm glad you could crochet a few stitches,...that's a step.

Jessi said...

hey....good to know you are muddling through although I really wish you felt better. hope things get good for you soon. I miss being online and seeing all the crazy shit at cville. lol. gabby loves polly pockets. something about them I guess.

Vik said...

Oh Deneen I really wish you get well soon!!! ***hugs***

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