Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Morning

Oh, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, perhaps because of the damn raw weather, it was the absolute worst pain day for me ever. I was fine til around 2:00 PM and then-BAM. Anyway, Elena got home at 3:30 and she, who is usually so high energy took one look at me, hugged me and said she would just quietly watch some TV. She even went as far as to sit next to me on the recliner and just rub my leg for about an hour. Something she hasn't done in years (too squirmy). She had been giving me a really hard time lately, perhaps she is a little scared, wound up from the holidays, I don't know. Anyway, she had a talk with her dad (she hates those) and he mentioned on word to her "disappointed" and she burst into tears. she hates when he dad is disappointed in her. In any event, she came to me later Thursday night and apologized and said she wanted to be more helpful and that she loved me more than anything and didn't know why she was being the way she was, but it would end. It did so far.

Anyway, by the time my husband came home, with a big bag of Chinese food, I was sitting immobilized on the recliner. Elena went in the other room to do something and, when she was out of earshot, I just burst into tears. Things were bad. I ate, he and Elena watched TV and I took a warm soak and suddenly, I felt better. I crocheted for about 10 minutes (for literally 50 stitches) and then went to bed and fell into a blissful sleep (first one in days) for about 5 hours.

No sympathy please, just a synopsis and a happy ending here.

Anyway, today Mike has Elena's day pretty much planned out. He's taking her to Michaels for a craft class, doing some Christmas shopping (which none has been done, money is tight cause he doesn't get paid til the 15th and we had a lot of unexpected medical bills this month, not including take out food etc-again, no complaining, just stating). I hoped to get it all done today, but finances will hold that back. Plus we need to replace the dining room light that fell down right before I got sick. It's dark in there are night. Anyway, then he drops Elena off at my moms for a Victorian Outdoor Christmas thing they are having in her town today. I told him to just come home and rest a bit afterwards, but he insists on putting up some outside Christmas lights to surprise Elena. Things are slowly working out here, a bit hectic at times, but really things seem better between everyone than before I got sick and there is actually a tight family feeling going on here that we had lost a bit of.

In any event, I had planned to make some stuff for people on the wish list, etc, but can't do any of it now, so I decided I would send out surprises in January and February, when I am on my feet and I say when I am, not when I may be.

Everyone has been so kind and had such inspiring words to say to me. I don't think I'm extraordinary, just a regular person making the best of a shitty situation. I'm a bit weird too, so that helps.

I hope ya'll have a terrific Saturday-just remember, to take deep breaths, smile and ignore all the little stuff-enjoy what you have.


NS said...

Great post, Deneen! You really brightened my day and gave me a wake up call on perspective. BTW, Mike sounds like a real gem, and Elena seems very mature for her age. Have a great weekend!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i second the be happy with what you have part !! hehe..

hope you have a great rest of the weekend.. and glad things are looking up family wise !!

jess said...

I'm glad yesterday got better! Elena sounds much older than she is. :)

Cindy said...

I am so happy you are feeling better.

The Shrone said...

Your true Shronedom is what helps you get through difficult times, with humor, finesse, a few tears, wisdom, grace, and aplomb. (I love that word, aplomb--so I use it when applicable.) As you know, each day is a small miracle and accomplishment---there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, and no, it isn't a train heading toward you, but is the light of the friends and those who love you, guiding you back to us.

Kathy said...

A midwinter surprise is even more special than a holiday one, becuase you aren't expecting one, and whoops, there it is to pick you up on a lonely day. And I did say holiday, becuase so many of us celebrate more than one this time of year!

Glad to know you are feeling better and Elena is too. I know kids can sense when you're ill and sometimes act out a bit, but I'm sure she's back on track again.

Joy said...

See, I need to take your advice more often! Deep breaths!

And Chinese food! :)


Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, one thing I'm happy for is to know you are doing all right, with all that's going on. Thanks for letting us know and helping us, in whatever we may be going through, remember to be thankful no matter what.

Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, one thing I'm happy for is to know you are doing all right. Thanks for letting us know and helping us, in whatever we may be going through, remember to be thankful no matter what.

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