Friday, December 09, 2005

Re-Post Snuggly Scarf Pattern

I am reposting this because in the past two weeks, I have had three questions about it and I hope this is a better clarification of the pattern.

Snuggly Scarf
This scarf is super soft, super warm and works up in a jiffy!
Measures 5 1/2" x 60" (this version-you can make it any width, length you desire)

You can make this any size you want. Just make sure the starting chain is a multiple of 3 (eg-16=3 x 5 +1) and add 1 stitch to the starting chain.

Materials needed:
1 skein of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn-6 ounce skein, 185 yards (you will have a little left over)
M hook
Blunt needle to weaving in ends

Stitches Used:
Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc) and Double Crochet (dc)


Chain 13

Row 1-*Sc, dc, dc* in second chain from hook (all three stitches in same stitch), skip two chains and repeat from * to * ending with a sc in last chain. Chain 2 and turn.
In second chain from hook, do one single crochet and two double crochets, all in the same stitch. Skip two chain and do one single crochet/2 double crochets in the next stitch across. The the last stitch, skip two chains and do one single crochet in the last stitch, chain 2 and turn.

This row may look wonky, it'll work out in the next row and you will see the pattern

Row 2-?: 2 dc in same stitch as sc in last row, *sc, dc, dc* in sc of previous row across to end, end with sc in last chain, ch 2 and turn.
Now, do 2 double crochets in the single crochet from the last row. This will be the first stitch. Then continue with skip two chains and single crochet/2 double crochet in next stitch (this stitch with be the single crochet from the previous row).

Just continue this pattern until it's the size you want, for as many rows as desired. You can make it wider and longer, bu using more yarn or thinner and longer, etc. It's your call. The one I made measures 5 1/2" x 60 and used up almost a whole skein of the Homespun. I did the fringe for the ends and still had a little left over.

You can leave it as is, it won't curl or add fringe across ends, knotting ends of fringe to prevent fraying.

You can use a few strands of thinner yarn held together for a different look, smaller hook/thinner yarn, etc. Just adjust your starting chain according to the instructions and this scarf can have a million different looks.

Images are clickable

Copyright 2005 Deneen St Amour, please don't swipe this as your own and sell this pattern. Pattern may be linked only. Pattern cannot be sold, but scarves made from it may and all that other legal stuff!

Edited 12/09/05


Sara said...

this is pretty! I think I might whip one up!

ladylinoleum said...

I love this scarf. Ab fab!

Fiber Deviant said...

love this scarf!!! i just knew that the bubbles stitch pattern would make a super snuggly scarf! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to make this scarf but unsure at the end of first row what to do. i am a long time crocheter but somehow i'm not ending the row right. Thanks for any advice!!!!

Deneen said...

I would love to help, but need more specifics. You can email me or I can try to explain what I think you mean. End first row w/sc in last st, ch e and turn and do 2 dc in same stitch as last row.

Deneen said...

I meant ch 2-this will count as first sc of next row and give it a scalloped edge.

Anonymous said...

I chained 19 beginning stitches but at the end of the next row I only have one chain to skiP before the last single crochet. I thought there should be two, but i'm not sure. Thanks so much for answering me. I really appreciate your help. This design is great. I'm using it to make some holiday gifts.

Deneen said...

Ah-starting chain should be divisible by 3 and add 2 for turning chain, so chain 20 to start and you'll be good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your design. I'm going to try it again!!!!

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