Monday, December 05, 2005


I deleted my last post, too much weakness in there and I'm not like that. I called my doctor, he wasn't answering his beeper so I made them call his cell phone. I made him double my steroid dose. He argued and told me to try and muddle through. I explained "muddling through was a weekend at your inlaws" this was pure hell and if he didn't make a suggestion, I would do it myself. He had be take some at bedtime and I slept through the night without waking or tossing my cookies. My temp stayed at 100 too. The Tylenol is only good for 2 hours, so it's on to Aleve and stomach acid be damned. I'm suppoed to call the doctor today and tell him how (in his opinion, it didn't work) Fucking men and fucking men doctors. I hope he stubs his toe and cries like a fucking baby.

Anyway, The raynauds is back, but that's good cause that means I have feeling in my right hand, which I didn't yesterday. I may even crochet today. So see, 80% improvement from 20 mg of steroids. GD doctors.

Elena's party went great, they all had a blast, Mike took pics. They put the Christmas tree up yesterday morning to, so to Elena all is right in the world now.

Thank you all for your comments, you know I'm usually not such a drama queen (at least I think I'm usually not), so it was an anomaly. Won't happen again.

Thank you Lori for your phone call, it was nice just having someone to talk too even if I could only talk a few minutes (so rare for me also).


Jessi said...

*hugs* I'm glad you called and gave the dr hell and that you are feeling better because of it ;) *smirk* seriously though, glad you're better. keep going in that direction (easier said than done I know). Glad Elena's party was so fun. I can't wait to put up my tree!!

Anna said...

I, too, am glad your feeling better.

Enjoy your crochet time!

I hope things continue to get better for you!!

Ro said...

Thatagirl! What is it with Dr.s, most of them don't realize we know our bodies better than they do because we LIVE in them! I have had the same convo with my docs over steroids in the past...they hand them out like M&M's on their own but if you ASK for them cause you know you need them or a higher dose...they balk. Just cause you asked for it! It's not like asking for recreational drugs LOL no one would take that stuff unless they thought they HAD to.

Hang in there kiddo, and rest, rest, rest!!!


Natalie said...

Hey Deneen, I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better today - I was worried about you!! Just keep those docs in check, and keep resting and taking care of yourself. Hugs!!

Joy said...

You are so NOT weak! Far from it! Way to give that doctor some hell too. :) *hugs*

Just so you know, your word verification just said "ubobou" to me. Methinks I may have just been insulted!

Wendy said...

There was no weakness in your last post.

I hope you start feeling better soon.

Marvie said...

I didn't see any weakness =) I saw a woman letting it out, venting, and that my dear, is a *good* thing! Good job on giving the doc hell, he deserved it (and more too probably!)Glad to hear you are improving =) {{{Hugs}}}

Sara said...

It is never "weak" to show your feelings (unless you are in the middle of a huge battle with freakin' orcs and you are peeing your pants and snot crying "no! no! don't hurt me...mommmmmyyyy!!!!!)

Don't ever worry about your mothering, you are a fabulous mom.

Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, I've been slack on my blog reading so I didn't realize you were still feeling so crappy. I hope you'll be feeling better very soon.

So glad Elena's party went well. It does sound like she's really becoming a little woman. Good for you.

I'm gonna check in on you more often to see how you're doing.

Stacey said...

Good for you for giving the doctor hell. Muddle through, my ass.

(((hugs))) I didn't see the deleted post, but don't worry about being weak or dramatic or anything like that. Better to let things out than to keep them bottled up...

mommiechickie said...

aww dear, i didn't see it as a dramatic post, so much as a venting post *hugs* I'm glad you are getting better. I give you full permisson to slam the doctors penis in the door then giggle about it ;) see what he says then! I'm glad elena had a good birthday and I apologize for not responding sooner, my computer is being a slow dinosaur lately and I just haven't bothered in a while.

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