Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!

My husband is convinced my good days are odd days and even days are just plain bad days. He may be right. Yesterday started off great, but I made a few mistakes. 1) I couldn't sit still yesterday and I paced around the house and tired myself out. 2) I crocheted. I was itching to crochet and started about 4 patterns and for some reason, my brain couldn't grasp the patterns, so I frogged. I started something and kept doing it, even as my hands cramped and kept telling myself "one more row". In any event, big mistake, I need to take a crochet break for the next few days.

My mom's birthday dinner went well. However, I have limited my diet so much, that halfway through the much anticipated meal, I knew I was going to be sick and I was. Extremely sick, to the point of uselessness. I will never eat fettucini alfredo again is all I can say.

Enough icky stuff, I wanted to leave you with this picture and wishes for a terrific holiday!

I'll be back posting on Monday or Tuesday, lots of plans going on and I doubt anyone will be online anyway.

Happy Holidays! Elena is so wound up, she has me jumpy. We watched "A Christmas Story" twice last night and I am hoping her excitement is contagious as the day wears on. It's 7:18 AM and I've been up since 5:00 AM, but already am tired. Mike is out getting the last minute gift cards and some grocery shopping, we have to wrap family presents, stuff around here, etc. Yup, I'm tired already!


Sheila said...

Greetings from the ghost of crochet bloggers past! Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and having so many problems of late. I wish you and pain-free Christmas and a better New Year.

PS I notice my worst years fall on odd years.

Jessica said...

Happy holidays to you, too, Deneen! And your photo is cute, too! :)

ThreeOliveMartini said...

have a great holiday .. feel better.. and enjoy!!!

looking forward to talking to you next week with my new phone battery LOL

Cindy said...

Happy Holidays!!!

Granny said...

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.
Hugs to you, Faye

vicki said...

awww what a cute elfie. i hope your feeling better deneen. hang in there. huggggs

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