Sunday, December 18, 2005

Finally-Finished Moonlight Mohair Poncho

I was up til 4:00 AM, but so happy to finish this. I made this for my mom, who loves ponchos. It started as a pattern, but then I ended up winging the whole thing and ended up staying up doing the edging last night so I didn't forget how I started it, so 4:00 AM it was done!

I used a Brittany M hook (9 mm) and four skeins of the Moonlight Mohair. The edging is a shell V-stitch edging.

It looks so much nicer in person and I hope she loves it. It's lightweight, but the mohair is super warm.

I am just so happy to be crocheting and actually finish in time for Christmas.


Wendy said...

Looks very nice! I am sure she will love it. I am glad you are feeling better to crochet. :)

Vera said...

That's beautiful. Your Mom has got to love it. The Moonlight Mohair is a pretty yarn.

What pattern did you start with?

Stacy said...

The poncho is super nice. I like it a ton.

It's good to hear you are feeling better.

Elena looks great in her jumper. Em says to tell her hello!

Sara said...

oh wow!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful! Glad you are doing better. You are a great daughter!

Kari said...

Great looking poncho!

and yay you for getting it finished!

**Heather** said...

That's beautiful Deneen!

vicki said...

deneen, that poncho is beautiful, its for your mom i think? i had not read it last week as i had a absessed tooth and felt like crap, so am playing catch up, anyways it is so pretty. whoever it is for is going to love it so much. great job, awesome work as always. hugggs

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