Friday, December 23, 2005

The Day Before the Night Before

Ah, December 23rd. The day that holds all children who celebrate in "Christmas Limbo". It's not Christmas Eve, but school vacation has started and darn it, it's close! It's my mom's birthday today, so Mike is making a nice dinner for her tonight.

All of Elena's gifts from Santa are wrapped. No, we still have other wrapping and I saw "we" loosely, cause Mike does it, not me, but we're slowly getting there. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but last week Elena came home from school with a piece of paper. On it she had written "all I want for Christmas is a bike". Hm, first I heard that, figured she heard some other kid mention it, so I let it go. Apparently, it's all she wants. I told her she had tons of birthday money, she could use the money to buy a bike. She looks at me with the most incredulous eyes and said "Mooooommmm, Santa will bring it, don't worry about anything". Sure enough, she say Santa yesterday at school and she told hom about her "need" for the bike. She's confident he will come through and, of course, he will cause a new bike is sitting out in the garage waiting to be put under the tree. You didn't think we would let her down, did you? It was quite a site yesterday, Mike pushing me in a wheelchair and me wheeling a bke next to the ahir-kinda like tandem riders. Anyway, we got the bike, helmet, knee pads, training wheels and she's set.

Another tip, do not take a pain pill and a sleeping pill (yes, they can be taken together), email Cordy back and go to bed. Apparently, she was my last thought as I drifted off to La-La land and my dreams consisted of Cordy following me around asking where her damn Bindi's were? Every Bindi I gave her was wrong and she got darn argumentative. However, she finally found the one she was looking for and got back to her huge ass list of self-imposed torturous projects she must finish in two days.

I'm sure I will post between today and tomorrow, but if I don't-Happy Holidays to everyone! May the peace and joy of the season fill you!


Dani said...

It was my mom's bday today too - will you give yours an extra special hug please?

Glad you are feeling better!

Sara said...

I got so excited for Elena when you said the bike was in the garage! That is wonderful. You are gonna have a great X-mas.

jess said...

woohoo, a bike! Lucky Elena! :) I am excited for her, too. :)

Hope you guys have a fantastic holiday and that you are feeling better!

ladylinoleum said...

Elena is right...Santa's good that way!

Have a wonderful day thoughts are with you.

MrsFife said...

LOL, poor you and baaaaad Cordy!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

CraftyCritter said...

Deneen...I am sorry to torture you even in your dreams, or nightmares in this case....Gosh how'd you get the idea I was argumentative? I never have spoken in a "curt" tone.. HMMPH! LOL

Have a great Christmas and bravo for Santa for coming through Elena!

Can you tell Santa I want a size 8 ladies butt? Seems you got the Santa mojo flowing!

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