Monday, November 07, 2005

She fulled!

Okay, she fulled. I ran her through 3 times and still may toss her in a few more.

It might not look like she did, but she did.

She's blocking now (on the 20 ounce bag of fiberfill, upside down, of course).

Anyway, as I stated before she started off:

11" tall-fulled down to 9" tall
17" wide-fulled down to 14" wide
14" deep-fulled down to 10" deep

She's still big, but I like her.

Now I can move on to something else. JA Rainbow Boucle shawl for a Christmas present, 20% completed. Did I mention I loathe using the Rainbow Boucle cause it snags my dry skin, but love the FO. Damn-I can't win!

I have to thank Heather again for the pillowcase-THANK YOU!


jess said...

that looks great!

i like how the rainbow boucle works up!

[I have to constantly moisturize while crocheting/knitting ... dry skin snags on everything.]

ladylinoleum said...

You know, the older I get, the bigger I like my bags. What do you think that means???

Jewels said...

It's beeeeautiful Deneen!! I might have to try this bigger version now. Your colors look so prettty.

p.s. finally got my laptop and net connection back so I can maybe FINALLY catch up on things from the couch, lol

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