Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Roving Bag

I must be a glutton for punishment because I have once again crocheted a bag that will need to be fulled. However, this time I used Briggs & Little Country Roving in Brown Sheep and Olive and added a bit of 2 ply, thin merino handspun wool. I have fulled with the Briggs & Little before and it fulls amazingly, so I have high hopes this time. I used Dawn's Well Traveled Bag pattern for the basic idea/measurements, but since I had to use an "M" hook, stitch counts and row counts were much less. Bag measured before fulling about 15" wide, about 12" tall and the bottom was approx. 5" wide.

Damn, I jinxed myself-three runs and didn't full like I wanted. Crap-out comes the ice bath tomorrow or Friday!

I should be working on some Christmas Shawls, scarves, but I don't feel like it ;).

My next project, the Abi Slippers in the LB Fishermans wool (since it won't felt). The orangey one I dyed last week. These should be warm!


Stacey said...

Cute bag--I hope the ice bath convinces it to felt!

LB Fisherman's wool won't felt ever? Or do you have a funky batch of it?

jess said...

Cute bag! Did you like crocheting with the pencil roving?

Your fisherman's wool won't felt? I made two fulled bags in LB fisherman's wool that I KA dyed... weird! (I left the slightest bit of stitch definition in them and I shaved them so they were slightly less fuzzy).

The food coloring should arrive at your place today or tomorrow!

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