Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rainbow Boucle Shawl Done!

I finished it about ten minutes ago. Relieved to be done for now. The boucle drove me batty because of my dry hands. I have been slathering on the cream, so maybe, for the next one (yes, I have another to do at least for the holiday) it'll be better.

I used this pattern, but used an "N" hook for the body and a "k" hook for the top shell trim and side trim. For the sides, instead of fringe, I just did a sc in each dc and 2 sc in each ch 2 space with three sc at the tip. I prefer this with the larger hook because it has a more open look compared to the first one I did with the K hook. The striping/tonal look works itself out because this starts in the top center and goes outward.

(I am clickable)

I think I'll be working on a few scarves and winter headbands for a few days to give myself a break from a bigger project. I figure I will need 6 scarves (bus driver, teachers aides, my aunts), a few winter headbands, another shawl and I have to work on my mom's Moonlight mohair (shawl or poncho, she prefers ponchos) and perhaps something for my SIL for Christmas. I also want to make two wool scarves with matching watch caps for a couple men I know. Plus I remembered my Christmas Garland. Beth was wonderful enough to pick me up four full skeins of the Caron Christmas Yarn in a pretty Victorian variegated and a cranberry color last year specifically for this project. I want to make this for my tree this year. See Beth, I have it sitting with the pattern just waiting for the holidays, which crept up quickly, as usual. Will I get it done?? Of course, the patterns are picked out already, just have to pace myself.

Now, what to do with about 35% of a leftover skein of the Rainbow Boucle???? I already have a blue one leftover. Anyone do any scarves with this???????


Sara said..., look at that shawl!

It is gorgeous! You do such wonderful work. And you are sooo productive!

Kari said...

Great Shawl, I'm working on one out of red heart plush (clearance yarn form 2 years ago) in a dark red (pretty).

Wonder if you could make throws out of that left over yarn? Maybe childrens shawls?

Jessi said...

I really like the way the shawl came out, the colorway is great.

Not sure what you could make with the could make some kids scarves. Bet they'd look cool too. Maybe a hat.

Jessica said...

Absolutely beautiful! The yarn works up so beautifully!

Joy said...

Gorgeous! Jessi sent me some of that yarn in dark reds, I think I'll make one for myself! I have decided that I am going to start wearing shawls as the weather permits. :)

Natalie said...

Wow, I love it. I was hesitant about that green but it looks great worked up!!

I have some red and blue leftovers, too. I think I might use the red to make a kid sized shawl for my small cousin who is intrigued with crochet... as for the blue, I might make shawls like Kathy on C'Ville did - her big group hug, the post title was.

Cindy said...

Very pretty. I really like the way the shawl turned out. I think scarves would work well for the left over boucle.

Jewels said...

Oh there she is flaunting that Rainbow Boucle again, hahahaa....while some of us poor slobs have to settle for Sirdar Yoyo, LOL. Your shawl looks gorgeous, the tonal is beautiful. My g/f went to New York and bought me some rainbow boucle!!!!!!!!!! I have to wait for it to get here yet, but I'm excited. It'll stop that $45 Sirdar silliness in me for awhile.

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