Thursday, November 17, 2005

It's Thursday

Oh crap, I originally titled this post "WIP Wednesday"-I am so off on my days this week. Elena has half days from now til Thanksgiving too :P.

I picked up the BH & G Simply Creative Crochet even after reading so much "blahness" about it. It did kinda suck, but of course, I still bought it. I did make the "Shelly Scarf" though out of some yummy bulky yarn combo from Elizabeth . I promise pictures soon. I did 4 scarves this week, some are earmarked as definite gifts, some are "I don't know who they'll go to" gifts. The Shelly one took me two days of on and off hooking. It was an intermediate pattern, not hard, just a pain in the patootey. The darn magazine uses all Lion Brand yarn and is pushing the suede, which is gorgeous, but can be pricey if you make the big projects they have there. Also, they had a few felted items in the mag. The cell case was Kool-aid dyed (they let it soak in kool aid and vinegar) and was made with Fishermans wool and, truth be told, had complete stitch definition and didn't look fulled at all, so it's not just me with the fishermans. They also had a bag using LB wool. It was okay.

I am feeling a little better today, still very stiff, slow moving. I had a fight with my rheumy's office today because I cannot believe a doctor leaves for a trip and has no one on call. I was then informed someone is on call, just at night. Well, did I go off on that, yes I did. Did it do me any good? No it didn't. I think I'll have to go on some Prednisone for a bit.

I was going to do Thanksgiving (yes, I think the extreme pressure I was getting about it helped the flare of L). Anyway, my mother called last night and said she would do it and honestly, I am so sore and tired, I agreed. She even told me not to bring anything. Anyway, I am not looking forward to it, but at least I won't have to worry about stuff here.

Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts. I'm not going to be whiny anymore. I'm just run down and was having a pity party yesterday. I still will take it easy today, but I gotta get myself together.

The Holiday Wish List is just getting so huge. I have 110 people covered by elves (is that an AWESOME number or what????) and I wrote to Donna about perhaps cutting the list at 100. I limited the sign ups from two weeks to one, but dang it got big fast.

Gotta run, therapy this AM and it better just be a heat pack or I'm leaving!

Update: My primary called seconds after I went off line and started me on Prednisone 20 mg tapering dose for the next two weeks. As bad as steroids are, I am welcoming these with open arms....well, as wide as I can open my arms.

I went to physical therapy and he just did heat, ultrasound and electric stim on my and I feel a bit better. My therapist lost his dad to lupus and he understands all the crap that comes with it. I am hoping by this time tomorrow, I am back to *normal* (if that's what you call my life).

Hopefully I will have a bunch of pics of my scarves and Elena's school pic to post. It's amazing how darn much mature she looks from one year to the next. She's been a pisser lately too and having trouble getting to sleep (every night laying in bed singing til 11) and I know my daughter and that means she's coming down with something.

Anyway, back to my scarf............

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Kari said...

Glad you are feeling some better. Don't push yourself too much.
I meant what I said about helping with the WL thingy if you need some help let me know.
Whine if you want it's your blog. (I personally don't think you were whining but if you need lessons you can just read my blog lol).
Don't let anyone get you down, the holidays seem to bring out the best of the worst in people esp families...

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