Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yarn Purging

Yep, I am purging myself of all the icky, yucky acrylic that has been lying around here. I started cleaning out my stash yesterday because I had bought sock yarn a while ago, put it in a plastic bag and put it somewhere I would be sure to find it. Yeah, right. I dug through a bunch of stash and didn't find it and then, last night after I got into bed, I remembered I shoved a box under my dresser and lo and behold, the sock yarn.

Anyway, I realized what a freaking yarn snob I have become in the past 1 1/2 years. First of all, I tossed out (yes, tossed out) some ancient rug yarn in rust, brown, etc. Then I tossed some icky ass acrylic in gold and orange. Then I sorted out one area of yarn (I have like six "areas"). I then realized, I hate Red Heart SS so much, I never want to see another skein again!. I am only somewhat of a yarn snob. I still like the Caron SS for clothing for Elena (maybe even me) and the other cheaper yarns like Plush, etc., but no more Super Saver Ever. I also figured I never do afghans, though I am doing a lapghan for my brother and SIL for Christmas, but I already bought what I need for that, so whay have the skeins of cheap yarn. I kept the baby colors for the charity ghans and I still have some destashing to do, but I decided all the plain acrylic is outta here! I will be listing some of the nicer acrylic (oxymoron there) on eBay though. I have a few lots that someone may like, but the loose skeins are gone (sorry Joy, I know you are collecting scraps, but this shit doesn't even qualify for scraps). I do have two rolling bags full of scraps I will go through next week for Joy though.

So, yes, it's official, I have graduated to yarn snot (not quite the snob yet).

WIP Wednesday
I am doing a pair of socks from Crochet Me!. I bought this purple yarn that is a DK weight with wool, acrylic and nylon for cheap off of eBay some time ago and I am doing the socks. It's a British brand called Grampian and I like it so far. That's it for WIP, impressive no?

Back to sorting some stuff. I decided if I can get this office cleaned out completely in the next few weeks, I can bring my MIL's armoire in from the garage and use it for yarn storage. My husband was trying to "sell" me on the idea last night by telling me I could arrange my yarn by color. I curled my lip and snarled "fiber content, not color, what is wrong with you?". He just looked at me and said "oh". Will he ever learn????


Julie said...

We are on the same page. I have been destashing myself. My yarn space is a disaster zone.

Sedie said...

I have a few "yarns" I need to de-stash myself! Good luck!

Joy said...

*falls over and twitches at the thought of throwing yarn away*

S'o.k., I still like you even if you are a budding yarn snob! I hope to be one myself someday soon!

Mmmm...scraps! ;)

ladylinoleum said...

Pretty soon you'll be knitting too! You gotta go the whole yarn snob way...LOL

Natalie said...

I need to do this too... I have yarn that I cannot bring myself to touch let alone crochet with - and yet, I still can't throw it away!

Kari said...

*falls over twitching with Joy*


yarn snot! yarn snot!

Hey Deneen, Red Heart called and wanted to know why you hate it so? It's going to have to go into counseling now... tsk tsk tsk.

What is this destashing you speak of. *makes mental note to close spare room door with all her boxes of yarn in it*

Jessi said...

Lol Deneen. I suppose I am right with you at becoming a yarn snot. I really don't want to ever use RH SS again but I probably will in making comfortghan squares. I cringe and shudder at the thought of using it for clothes. Really I do. I just.....can't. I do like Simply Soft though. De-stashing. I can't do that until I can get my stuff out of storage, and then, I probably won't. ;)

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