Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WIP Wednesday........not here anyway....

I am almost finished Dawn's Well Traveled Bag. A few more rows and I will try to full it later. The washer is being used to do "real" laundry, unfortunately.

Over on C'ville, HollyM started a thread on "Most embarrassing Childhood Picture". Although all my baby and adolescent pics are at my mom's, I did have one here I was able to scan. Not embarrassing, but me as a toddler anyway. I must have had it here when we were comparing Elena's pics to mine. My family, as well as "outsiders", think Elena is a "mini-me". However, my husband's family swears she looks like home. Actually, she has my face shape, eyes and forehead and Mike's nose, mouth and dimple chin. Mike and I look like we could be brother and sister (don't even go there!), so of course, Elena looks like she's related to both of us. I cannot tell you though how many people approach me in stores and tell me how much Elena is a mini-version of me-Mike hates that. Most "outsiders" (not family, cause they refuse to back down on who she looks like) who are around us both tell us how cool it is that she looks like both of us. She definitely has my eyes, eyelids, etc and when she is sleeping or gives me a "look", it is like looking back in time and does sometimes take my breath away.

Anyway, here's the pic. I am about 1 1/2 years old-Easter time. Note the groovy leather recliner and the bright orange modern ashtray next to the recliner. Also, the pointy, sharp Danish furniture that was so big then! Gawd, I am getting old!

*Image is clickable*


Julie said...

UGh. There is a picture of me when I was about 2 yo. I'm completely naked but I'm sitting with my legs crossed over each other so you can't see anything sensitive. Well, my mother went and had a shirt made with that picture on the front and Julie written below it. She gave it to my husband. Thankfully, he usually only wears it under his sweaters and such.

Sedie said...

Looking back at photos becomes more fun through the years. . . If we only knew back then. . . . !!! You are cute.

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