Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunny Sunday!

Yes, the sun has been out for two days and I feel better already. It's extremely windy today, which should dry stuff out nicely. Elena is still a bit sick and hanging on to her tummy virus, but I am hoping she's tip-top tomorrow for school. She's missed another week and she really needs to go.

Soccer was cancelled yesterday since the fields were flooded, I was glad not to have to go.

I haven't been hooking much this weekend, busy with the damn pool and cooking. My mind has been on so much other stuff, not really doing anything, just thinking about doing them.

The pool was an unmitigated mess. Completely green, the damn autovac didn't work and never does when I need it to. It's a good thing they "threw it in with the pool" or I'd take it back and show them the only thing I feel it's good for~. Mike and I decided to shock the hell out of the pool, overchlorinate it and see how it goes. So far, it's clearing up pretty good. We'll scoop some leaves, vac what we can and cover it later today. I'll worry about the filter, pump and other stuff another day. I was in the gunk too long yesterday.

I am making Buffalo sauce for hot wings right now to have as a snack. Then it's a boneless turkey breast, homemade stuffing (filling, dressing, etc) and some pumpkin curry soup Colette posted the other day. I feel like such a gourmet today.

I did run out to Target last night and picked Elena up the Play-Doh Shrek dentist set. She adores Play-Doh and plays with it for hours. This is so cool too. We've been making green teeth and drilling them and filling them.

I picked up some of the Target yarn yesterday too. I think it was desperation, even though I ordered chenille from Rodney and Knit Picks yarn. Usually, they have the furry stuff and knitting needles, no hooks. Well, they still didn't add the hooks, but they had some of the ladder yarn and I thought the pink/lavender/blue would be good to make something for Elena with and the fall colors I picked up to add some texture to a different felted bag. I'll do another Marvelous tote with the Knit Picks and a few strands of the fall colors mixed in and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted (you too Steph).


ThreeOliveMartini said...

that turkey dinner sounds good.. i am coming over LOL ..

i made a huge pot of soup at the beginning of the week so iw ouldnt have to cook this week.. and man.. it worked !!

i have gotten alot more done .. woohoo.. !!

Jessi said...

Ooh...yummy food. So glad you got out of the house and that the weather is clearing up. Oh and that Elena is doing better!
I saw the stuff they carry at Target now, but didn't really have a lot of time to look look. Shrek play doh huh? Gabby would love it.
As for the lurex with the yarn. I made a Seraphina Shawl using black Amore and this silver thread. Boy was that awful. Gluttons for punishments are we?

Shall we call thee Swamp Thing now? Heh. Seriously though, I hope shocking it helps and that you don't have to climb in there anymore.

Have a good Sunday night!

Rowan said...

Wow, D, that virus has been taking it out of the poor kid (and her poor Mom too I'm sure!) I wonder if she could've picked up Norovirus on the cruise on the way back maybe???Cause usually other stomach viruses run their course in a couple days.

Hope she's back to 100% today and you can get some rest!


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