Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Smells Like Ass

Good title, huh? Yeah, I said ass in it, I would use the word ass anyway, so live with it. I was using my nifty niddy noddy to wind up some of the LB Fisherman's Wool and let me tell you, the natural oils they claim are in the wool make the room smell like ass when winding. It's not noticeable at first, but once you get to the middle, ugh. Should smell interesting here tomorrow after I nuke it up. Tomorrow I am using egg dye! Aren't you egg-cited????

That FCEC felted tote is killing me. 53 freaking rounds of sc with an I hook (my gauge was off using the J). My arthritis is acting up and the repetitive motion is boring me today. I didn't nap, just laid there for about an hour in the dark waiting for my headache to go away. Somehow I think the headache, arthritis and tummy stuff is all related. The Aleve is not working.

Weird eBay stuff. Okay, the first story isn't weird, just fascinating. I keep reading on blogs everyone complaining about their shitty mail service. I have said it before and I will say it again, I *love* my postal people. First of all, I am on the first name basis with my mail lady Martha. She comments on Elena growing up, why I don't have more kids, all kinds of shit she should and should not comment on. In the summer, when it's hot, I leave her a frozen water bottle in the mailbox and in the winter, well, I don't do anything, but maybe I should make her a scarf or something. I do, however, give her a check every Christmas. The guys in the actual post office get a 5 lb tin of peanuts and homemade pizzelles every year. I adore them all. Now, my story. I sold something on eBay and was sent a money order. Well, the person never asked for my addy and I assumed it came up on the invoice they received. Nope, she sent it to just my name, town, state and zip. No street listed. I got the think in 4 days too! Also, I usually toss money in the mail box with smaller items I am mailing. When I am short, they send it anyway and just send me a little note letting me know. I love them.

The really creepy, weird ass story. Okay, like 9 months ago I ordered a DVD off of someone on Ebay. They had great feedback, blah-blah. Anyway, they wanted money orders only, no Paypal. The DVD was cheap (too good to be true) and I sent them a money order for $9 something. Anyway, as you guessed, I never got my DVD. I checked and the next week there were tons of negatives. Also, his mailbox was full, so you couldn't inquire, etc. No way to fight Paypal for it either. Okay, it was $9, lesson learned, end of story. But wait, there's more. About 5 months later I received an email from the USPS asking about the transaction. I wrote back to them and said I sent a money order, never received the item, eBay kicked him off, end of story. Okay, forgotten. Last week I got an email from the Chicago Board of Federal Prisons telling me that XXXXXXXX was in prison and would be til November 2007, not eligible for parole. The letter was just signed The Warden. It had some 800 number I could call, etc. I didn't call cause I thought it was a scam that they would bill me for it, etc. I get a bunch of "spoof" emails and besides, I didn't know anyone in Chicago. They claimed I was a "victim" of said person and that was why they were notifying me. Yesterday a piece of mail came, you guessed it, from the Chicago Federal Bureau of Prisons telling me the same thing with an enclosed brochure explaining how victims have to be notified, some federal law. Damn if it isn't that guy from eBay who scammed me. Sentenced til 2007 for mail fraud in a federal prison and not eligible for parole. Freaked me the hell out, I tell you. I wonder how big it was? Damn, I tossed the notice. Next one I will keep cause then I will Google his name.

Okay, the tension headache is back so I will sign off. Still smells like ass in here.


Wendy said...

YES! I told you about the Sheep-Butt smell....ha ha...I have heard some people like that as it smells more "natural." Hmmm...guess I am not that much into nature as I thought.

Oh, that is crazy about the ebay dude. Did I ever tell you that I dated a guy for 3 years (this was over 10 years ago) and then after the abusive relationship it ended (I punched him in the nose, scared for my life.) Well, about 2 years ago I googled his name (not sure why) and read online that he was in California (he is from Montana) and he attacked someone with an ax (almost killed the guy) and was found guilty by reason of insanity. CRAZY! Unfortunately for everyone he can get paroled if he can prove he is no longer insane. I pray to this day that he never finds me...who knows what type of revenge he will do to me.

Joy said...

Uh huh, remember when I mentioned the sheepy tookus smell? Whew!

Fortunately, it fades. Thank god! :)

And yow, that is one crazy story about the ebay dude. Karma bit him in the ass and hard!

Kari said...

yay for karma
rofl @ natural butt smells

Heather said...

LOL that is one of my favorite sayings... smells like ass! Im sure the ass smell was tons worse with a headache.

I hope you are feeling better soon Deneen!!! I hope the ass smell is gone soon too!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

one of the reasons i like oust is that it gets rid of smells like that.. febreze too .. !!

and yeah mail fraud is a HUGE deal..

my parents being postal employees for many years instilled upon us how big a deal it was ..

Megan said...

Thats a pretty freaky story about the ebay dude! The whole "smells like ass" thing has me cracking up :)

mommiechickie said...

geeze I took a shower before I visited your blog *lol* I hope you get to feeling better soon, being sick just plain out sucks (normally i would say sucks ass but hey it already smells like it) That was cool that the guy went to prison over the fraud on ebay though!! Its nice to know that not everyone gets off scott free for that crap!

Kathy said...

um, maybe I should have second thoughts about dying wool? I don't think I WANT to know what a sheeps ass smells like, thank you...

Marvie said...

lol yeah it was the LB wool last year that had my microwave smelling funky. Though I still think I musta burned the wool, over-nuked it probably. I didn't notice an odor while winding, just during and after nuking. Other wools I've played with have had a definate sheep shit smell to them though, most especially after getting wet. All I can say is incense, fabreeze, and open windows if weather permits lol.

Glad the guy got busted, hope more fraud committers do too! Must have been a pretty large scam to merit prison with no parole, or he ticked off the wrong person lol.

Hope you feel better soon!

Kimberly said...

First off - yay to the cool postal people! My parents mail man has been doing it for years and years....when I was living in Chicago and I got mail there, he would go knock on my mom's door and ask her if she wanted him to forward it....this was after I had been living away for 7 years!! Being said, my mail people plain stink and loose my mail constantly....darn belgies!!!!

Second - yay to the busting of the e-Bay scammer....the federal gov't does something right for a change!! *grin*

Natalie said...

The stank gets worse after mirowaving. open windows or something, it was intense when I did it - ass and vinegar, yummy.

Hope you're feeli9ng better!!

Jessi said...

That is so freaky about the ebay scammer. They must've been tracking everything he was doing to have all your info to send you those letters. Psycho. Guess you never know do you?
I wouldn't know about the ass smell since I've never dyed yarn before, but, man that sucks. Looks like you got some advice how to make it go away though ;)

Sedie said...

What a crazy story about the mail fraud. It is very creepy, just in time to for Halloween. . . as for the ass, I'll get back to you on that one. ;)

The Shrone said...

I wonder if sheep smell like ass in the wild?

I say that Mr. Smee smells like cheese. He's got that kind of funky odor about for a cat. Now I think it is better to smell like cheese than to smell like ass.

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