Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday again?

I cannot believe it's Monday and I cannot believe it's October! It's supposed to go up to 80 today, so not really cool here yet, but better than 95.

I have some FO's for your perusal.

First, Dawn's Keyhole Scarf, done in the beautiful Carnival yarn from Elizabeth (silk/rayon blend). I used 200 yards of the yarn for this (one cake) and the I hook. Elizabeth is selling this yarn on eBay and it is so soft and silky with amazing drape.

Next up, I did another "Marvelous Felted Bag", this time using Denim Marl (Paton's Merino Wool) and for a few rows added a to the mix some handspun cotton thin thread. I used the J hook this time. I also did the FCEC Cell Phone Holder and a Flower for the bag. They are in the washer now, as I type, fulling away (I hope). I'll post pics once they are dry.

I am currently working on Natalie's Econo-Shopper Mesh Bag using Aunt Lydia's Denim Cotton yarn in the awesome plum color I found. Truth be told, I am not crazy about the yarn itself as far as hooking with it, kinda splitty and has a funny, petroleum odor to it (yes, my nose is ultrasensitive, I smell things no one else does, but it is kinda-jute like smelling). It'll be fine for a bag, but I know I won't be using it for any clothing items.

I want to make another Ophelia sometime this week for me and for my mother, as a gift. I need measurements though. I also want to do another fulled bag. I planned on doing the FCEC tote bag, but have 400 grams of yummy wool I am holding out for til Andrea converts that Sophia, I adore that bag she did. Beautiful! If the conversion doesn't work out, then I'll do the FCEC tote. I should do one anyway, but haven't dyed any wool yet and only have the purple wool available for now. Decisions, decisions!

Off to mop some floors and work on the bag. Have a terrific day!


Stacy said...

Wow! That yarn is gorgeous! I may have to check out Elizabeth's stock now. I'm glad you had such a nice vacation!

Stacey said...

Gorgeous scarf! I just printed out that pattern earlier today, it's on my "sometime soon" list...

ThreeOliveMartini said...

that yarn looks fab!! and doesnt it drape nice?

you have been bizay!

DAWN said...

The scarf turned out really good! yeah!!
Sounds like you are on a fulling mission. . . I'm making the FCEC tote right now and hoping that in the end it fulls right.

Jessi said...

I think that I will abandon Darla for a while and start on Ophelia. I got that yarn and now I need someone to measure me and I will start it. I need a break from Darla I think, the bitch ;)

It was cool here, like needing a jacket or thick sweatshirt cool but the last 2 days it was like 85. Weird. Indian Summer I guess.

Jewels said...

Love that Carnival yarn - such a nice color mix! That pattern of Dawn's is perfect for it!!

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