Thursday, October 06, 2005

Juno Headline News

I log on today and this is what my headline news said:"Man who married Elvis dies". Of course, I did a double take since I didn't know gay marriage was legal (but I think it should be legalized) and I never knew Elvis has married a man! However, as you click you will see it's the judge that married Elvis and Priscilla in 1967. Not to make light of his passing, but really, this is this judges claim to fame and made headline news??????

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Marla said...


Don't ever throw out yarn, esp. acrylic super savers!! One of us will use it for charity projects- someone homeless, burned out, etc. is usually glad to get it. Actually you'd be surprised what some people can do with "ugly" yarn to make it not so ugly.

Funny about Elvis, huh... sounds like a tabloid headline... Man who married Elvis dies.... RIP judge. They shoulda worded it better though.

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