Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's Thursday Again

Catchy title, eh? My head is too stuffed up to even think straight. I look and feel like something the cat dragged in, dragged around the house and stomped on.

Crochet Stuff

I finished one of my socks last night. I used this pattern, an F-hook and some DK wool. The one sock fits perfectly, lets hope the other will be the same size.

I plan to make a pair of socks from South Bay Crochet and the Grafton Fibers Toe Up sock pattern and see which of the three I like the best. Grafton fibers also has an unspun roving bag pattern on their site I may try. It calls for two batts of roving, and from what I looked up, each batt weighed 4 ounces. I have the bag of Briggs & Little Country Roving (8 ounces) I may use.

Here's a big surprise, I ordered from Knit Picks yesterday. Julie wrote to me yesterday about some fulling/felting stuff and mentioned she ordered her first order from Knit Picks of the Andes Wool. Of course, I wrote back telling her how I so dream to order there, but am too cheap to pay shipping and to get the free shipping you need to spend $30.00. Well guess what? She wrote back that the Interweave Crochet mag had a coupon on page 28 for free shipping on any size order! I cannot find the Interweave Crochet mag anywhere around here, but she sent me the code and I placed my big ole $11.00 order. I bought three skeins of the Wool of the Andes (2 fern and 1 avocado) and two skeins of the sock yarn -Dancing in the colorway Jig! I am so excited too! Lately I've been on such a sock kick and the yarn can be so expensive. So now I have the yarn to do my sock pattern comparisons. Also, the cost of shipping alone would have been the cost of the three skeins of Andes wool, so I don't feel guilty about sliding from the yarn diet.

I really should start Christmas gift stuff, but not into it. I'll finish my other sock today and then make Nat's Econo-shopper bag (large size) next.

Roving Question

Roving question for all you fiber addicts; when you get roving, it's one long piece. If I wanted to break the roving in half, how would I do it? Would I cut it across the middle or would I peel from the side?

I want to try spinning soon too, but am intimidated by the technique and how to hold the roving, etc. I have the Spin-It book and I should study it a bit.

Kinda crochet related
Cindy posted this and I signed on. Check it out!

Last thing, I don't even know if my husband reads my blog, but today is his 40th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL. Elena and I are baking Ghiradelli Brownies for him later and I bought him a pie on Sunday. Yes, a pie. The farm market near us sells the best, most delicious homemade pies, but they are pricey. Mike loves them, so I bought a peach/blueberry one for him. He doesn't need anything as far as gifts go, so he likes pie and I bought him pie. Besides, the cruise was part of his 40th celebration.

Well, I got to run to the drugstore and get me laundry out (it's my fetish, so let me be). Elena has a four day weekend starting tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get as much done around here today.


jess said...

do not cut the roving :)

take it in your hands, find about where you want to break it, and just pull. You may have to fluff it out a bit so it's easier to pull apart, but that's okay.

When I spin, I take sections of 8-12" and break them off, then I separate those into smaller sections.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense! :)

Kari said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm pie...


mmmmmmmmmmm laundry.

The Shrone said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!

So now your secret is out: you married a younger man! Well, if Demi can do it...

Sorry you're feeling like cat crap. Hopefully those brownies will perk you up!

Sending love!

Sedie said...

Happy birthday to Michael! I hope you feel better soon.

Stacey said...

Hope you feel better soon! Happy birthday to Michael!

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!!
Ooh...brownies......Ghiradelli brownies.....*insert Natalie'e Homer drooling noise here*

I so hope you feel better. And guess what? Oh top of my cold....Aunt Flo came to visit me, to borrow your saying. Nice.

Why can't these colds leave us alone???

How the holy batwings did I miss that coupon in Interweave?? What is wrong with me? We could have had the yarn a long time ago. *slaps self on back of head*

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