Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm not an expert or anything..........

and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but, as Heather will tell you, we all are experts in our own little minds.

Lori and Kimberly both asked about fulling/felting in a front loader. I used to have a front loader, but never fulled in one. It is my understanding, part of the appeal of the front loader is less water/less agitation on clothing due to the lack of the agitator. They also use less soap. They clean better in my opinion also, but that's not the question here. My suggestion is this: Do the lowest water level, hot water, toss the bag in a pillowcase tied at the top so it doesn't come out, toss a few pair of jeans or heavy towels (ones that can withstand hot water wash) and let her go. When the full cycle is done, check and see if any fulling action took place. If it did and you want to repeat the above procedure, by all means do. If this doesn't work, FCEC has a method of hand fulling using a double sink, hot water and soap in one and an ice bath in the other. Sounds incredibly uncomfortable, again, my opinion. This site (scroll down the page) shows a 5 year old fulling for his mom. It involves some hot water (obviously not too hot) and some mild soap and some rubbing, about 15 minutes worth. To be honest, I thought about using this method yesterday, but the thought of rubbing anything for 15 minutes kinda made me say, nah!.

This is an excerpt from Grafton Fibers (as clickable above)
"Justin felting away on the kitchen sink (with a few extra bubbles!), and the bag, hanging to dry

To felt the bag, I employed the sink and my youngest son, Justin. Rather than trust the bag to my front-loading washer, which won't let me control how long something is agitated, I chose to felt it at the sink. Using hot water and dish soap, and a lot of rubbing, the bag felted down to a respectable 12 by 12 inches with about 20 minutes of work. Felt shrinks in the direction it is rubbed. Knowing this, I was able to control the shape of the bag better than leaving it to the whims of my washing machine.

To dry it with some shape, I found a box the right size, slipped a plastic bag over the box, and tugged and pulled the tote bag onto it."

Now, obviously she has a front loader, so I guess it does work in a front loader. Also, she is fulling roving, which again, IMHO, fulls in one shot, so it's different from yarn.

I hope this was somewhat helpful to answer any questions you all had.

Crochet news: I frogged Dawn's bag and started over. Why? Because I was using my Brittany K hook and apparently I crochet extremely loosely with the Brittany's and, although there is no gauge on this, I was way off on the measurements. It was ginormous even leaving the initial chain shortened, etc. I pulled out my Bates aluminum J hook and it's fine now. No problem though, it works up fast. I shall do the entire thing in hdc also til it hits the right measurement unfulled.

Wasn't that exciting???!!!!

Oh yes, trip for the hayride cancelled until next Thursday due to Hurricane Wilma, who is bringing high winds, torrential rain, flooding and general icky feelings to my part of the world. Elena considered this bad news, but in a way I am glad, wasn't prepared for sitting in the back of a truck with 45 kindergartners today anyway!


Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, I can't keep up with you on your blog. Sorry Saturday wasn't better, but chinese food and a run for yarn sounds like good salvaging. I've not tried fulling anything yet, but when I decided to do that, I'll need to reference your tips here. Looks like you got lots of yummy goodies that will keep you crocheting for some time! Nice!

jess said...

the problem with front-loading washers is that you can't just open them and keep checking the item like you can with a top-loading washer since the water is there!

So, like you said, if you put it on the lowest settings you should be okay, but you are still chancing it, if it happens to full more quickly than expected. :|

[reason why I'm glad when we moved into the new house we left the brand new front-loading washer with the new residents.]

Stacey said...

Thanks--I've wondered if it was possible to do this with a front-loader, especially since mine doesn't have a water level control (it somehow figures out what the water level should be automagically based on how much stuff is in there).

Mine can be opened during the cycle because the water level is below the level of the opening as long as it's been shut off for a few seconds to let things settle, but then I wonder if that might be *too* low. Only one way to find out, though...

Kimberly said...

Thanks Deenen! I might just give it a go....nothing ventured nothing gained! I have some old towels and jeans which should be perfect to use! Worst case, I'll have a super tiny tote and need to re-do the bag and felt by hand, but at least I will know! *hugs*

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