Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This felting/fulling is annoying the crap out of me today. I did a mini tote, cell case and flower yesterday using Paton's Merino Wool. The shit will not felt right. I ran it through 5 times yesterday (all that wasted hot water) with jeans, towels and any other item that could withstand the high temps and it will not full right. I agitated the shit out of it (even poked it with a stick and called it names) and.......barely some fuzz. I'm running it through once more this AM and then I give up. It fulled a little, but not like I prefer. Freaking cheaper wool always bites me in the ass! I shouldn't say that, the baby weight cheap wool fulls great, just not as sturdy looking. I want to do the fulled bowl too, but don't want to mess with the fulling for a few days. I'm pissy about it.

Onto other news, I am almost finished Nat's Econo-Shopper bag (see link on previous post) and it looks wonderful. The pattern is awesome (after I worked on the handles three times, I am a moron). Nat's pattern is great, but she didn't spell it out perfectly for me!(LOL) Like-how do the handles go (yes, Nat I am a moron) Anyway, the bag looks fantastic and I love it. The color is beautiful too. It's a plum with some red in it. I promise to post pics later once it's done. The Denim Cotton is perfect for these bags (probably just for bags), but I would buy it again to make this as gifts.

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what to make next. Actually, my husband had the nerve (how dare he!) to ask me to take 1/2 hour and straighten up the spare room/office/pig pen/craft supply room so the heater guy can get to the basement door to service the heater for the winter. Like what does he think, I sit around just crocheting all day?????(LOL)

Lori, your b'day package went out yesterday Priority Mail from the main post office in New Jersey. You should have it tomorrow. Sorry it's so late!


Toodles for now...........


Jessi said...

I have yet to try fulling/felting. That really stinks that it isn't working out for you. Gonna drive you bonkers if you're anything like me. Forgot to tell you in the last post that the scarf looks great, I love the yarn, too. Still haven't tried Nat's pattern either, there are way too many WIM's for me to handle. Lol.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

Deneen .. if you have a plcae that is handy i have never been disappointed in Brown Sheep Lambspride.. and its reasonable.. its like 6.95 a skein and is a good sized skein i want to say 6 or 8 oz.. i might be wrong but .. never had problems or disappointment and the texture comes out sooo nice !

Kathy said...

Deneen, I loved the way Patons Merino felted for me...but I did put it thru 5 cycles, and added some baking soda to the water as per Patons booklet. Hope it helps.

noricum said...

I think some washing machines felt better than others. It takes a half dozen trips through my washing machine, but only a single trip through my parents machine.

If you're patient enough, just ignore the unfelted piece until you need to do laundry anyway, and then toss it in every single wash. Yes, those washes won't be on hot, but it'll eventually felt anyway.

Another problem is it could be your washer isn't getting hot enough water from your water heater. I know that my apartment takes five minutes before it gets hot water.

ladylinoleum said...

You know, I have a fabulous eyeball pattern just for you...I know you hate thread, but I betcha don't hate is as much a felting right now, eh? LMAO

Julie said...

Deneen, what baby weight wool do you use? I'm looking for a lighter weight for fulling. I use Patons Merino and occasionally pour in a full teapot of boiling water along with some baking soda, jeans or tennis ball for agitation. Sorry it's giving you so much grief. I just went through that with LB Fisherman's Wool as you know.

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