Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Egg-citing Dyeing Done!

Okay, I am officially addicted. All Kool-Aid and egg dyes are used up here. Next step, tie-dyeing cotton softball yarn. I want more egg dye! Damn Easter is months away! I need more Kool-Aid or even Flavor-Aid (I heard their colors are different).

This was done this AM using egg dye I bought specifically for this last year.

It's LB Fisherman's Wool. The purple/green/blue (my fav) was layed in a pyrex dish and I poured colors where I wanted them and wore gloves to press it into the yarn. This ended up being nuked for about 6 minutes, with 2 minute rests in between. The dye never ran clear on this. I rinsed it well, wrapped it in a towel to absorb extra water and it's hanging to dry. I did two tabs of green in about 6 ounces of water with a glug of vinegar. I did a tab of red and blue to make the deeper purple, and two tabs of blue for the blue. The green and purple ran clear, but the blue never did. Is egg dyeing different than Kool-Aid dyeing??

The other one is with red, orange, green and blue. This one I tried in a plastic zip loc bag, poured the dye in and sealed the bag, squished it around and opened the bag halfway and nuked it for 2 minutes, rest two minutes, nuke 2 minutes. This also didn't run clear, but the colors are vibrant! The only thing was the red tabs said not to use with vinegar, but how would I set the color??? I used the vinegar and it came out a very subdued almost maroon color, but that is okay!

I prefer the non-plastic thing as it's just as easy to clean up the pyrex dish. I did mix all the dyes in mason jars and shook the hell out of them to mix the colors. Only the red hissed at me! Weird part is NO ASS SMELL or perhaps I am used to it.

I was thinking last night. Imagine you give someone a sweater you lovingly made from Fishermans Wool and IT SMELLS LIKE ASS! What do you say? They open the box and ass smell rises out. Do you say, "Don't worry, that's not you, it's your sweater! Wear it in good health".

Anyway, here are the pics. Each hank was about 6-8 ounces. I love the purple/blue/green one the best, of course.

And to answer some questions, I am partial to blues (but it's not my fav color), burgundy's, purples, deep greens, heathered colors. Really any jewel tones. Not a fan of yellow or really any pastels.

I haven't gotten stoned in over 8 years and yes, I miss it sometimes, but wouldn't know where to find it.

Thank you for all your good thoughts and smelly tookus/ass reminisces.

I do use the phrase "Smells like Ass" more than I should also.

I read all your comments. I rarely reply cause they are usually statements. Also, bloglines rarely gives me your email addy's with the reply. I love you all and am not a snot, just lazy and have dial-up!

My headache is gone. It seems two Aleve's, three Tylenol and an Ambien taken at 9:00 PM last night (no, I didn't take Aleve and Tylenol at the same time!) helped me fall asleep by 9:30 and I woke up at 7:00 AM this morning. Stomach is still upset, but all in all, feeling better. We have the Disney on Ice-Princesses tonight, so it should be crazy. Elena home, eat, in shower (she has school pics tomorrow, so her hair has to be perfect), keeping her awake in the car for the 40 minute ride to and from Philly. Also, I may take Imodium for tonight. I hate to miss it, Elena is so excited, but damn I don't wanna be sick either. I don't really want to see Disney on Ice, it's an Elena thing, but still, I should go.......


Joy said...

*applause* Well done you!

I like the purple/pink/red mix the best, it is lovely!

When I used my blue egg dye it didn't run clear, more of a milky color. I really like the egg dye colors, they come out so vibrant!

Kari said...

ooooo purdy!

jess said...

you know what else is fun? mccormick food coloring! I have some extra of the neon colors if you would like a package... :) it makes really awesome jewel colors!

Natalie said...

Fuck. Now you make me want me want to wind up more yarn and dye. Baldy. I have about 20 packs of Kool-Aid sitting because last time I dyed Fisherman's, the whole house stunk like shit for days. I'm jealous and happy for you at the same time that it didn't stink while nuking for you!

Now I really can't wait to see what you end up making with these.

Perhaps Deneen needs some special brownies??

Natalie said...

Correction - not "baldy," lol - badly. oops!

mommiechickie said...

OOOohh that turned out nice!! Much darker and Jewely than the kool aid does...My berry blue turned out turquiose...I think I'm going to redye it with wiltons cake dyes (suggested by my friend bean. Hope yall have fun at the Disney on Ice...sounds fun!!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

look sgood.. told you it s addicting.. and disney on ice.. i wouldnt wanna go either.. you know i am allegic to kids in large quantities LOL

Kathy said...

Now I really have to find some dyable wool and get going...I can't wait to have my home smelling like sheep shit! I wonder if there is a way to vent it to the annoying neighbor who only burns his trash when the wind is blowing our way?

Jessi said...

They look great!!! Guess I'm gonna have to stock up on egg dye this year just in case. So...whatcha gonna make??? Lol. I'm with you, the purple/blue/green on is my fave but I like them both. Hope Disney on Ice went well for you and that you feel better. By the come I can't find quotes on Google to do the meme? I cannot see quotes anywhere. *sigh* I'm a dork.

Heather said...

They look wonderful Deneen!! Im partial to the greeny one too.....

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