Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Damn You Kari!!!

Yes, you Kari, and Lori and Joy. I want to try those damn Snapeas and now! No, no Kroger here, or Trader Joes or any freaking place that sells the damn things. Asian market is about 1/2 hour a direction I never go and yes, I have an Asian sister-in-law who shops at Asian markets, but she can barely remember to go to the market,let alone pick up a specific item for me, so asking her to look for them is futile. Trust me on this, been there, done that.

Rant over


Kari said...

hehe Hey, I am just a pitiful sheep following the flock. They brainwashed me I swear!
But if you don't find some, I'll send ya some although it may only be ceaser flavored. (Which were pretty darned good if you ask us)

The Shrone said...

I will be going to the Asian market this Saturday and have already gotten Joy's addy to send her some. I will send a bag to you, too. Now, one time I went to the market they only had 3-4 bags, which is almost nothing, so hopefully they will be well-stocked! LOL!

I prefer to get them at the Asian market because they are far more cheaper than Trader Joe's, plus it I think the Asian version has a better packaging with cute images.

Joy said...

Hey now! I have to rely on the kindess of those with SnaPea access to feed MY addiction. Get thee to the Asian Market! ;)

Oh damn, they are SO good. Truly. You will love them and be begging for more! Muahahahahaha!

Jessi said...

He. Since Joy already figured me out I can admit to buying myself a bag to try while at Trader Joes getting hers. I didn't think they were expensive at all there. But they have a really interesting taste and I liked them, so did my mom and dad. I believe I want more :) It looks like you've got some offers to send you some so I'll be their back-up ;)

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