Monday, October 10, 2005

Comfy Slippers

As part of my sock pattern quest, I decided to try a pair of slippers. I chose Abi's Slippers pattern. They only took an afternoon of off and on crocheting. I used Wool-Ease in "Blue Mist". There were a few small changes. One was for size (I had to make mine larger, row 3 of the pattern left out one explanation, which I figured out on my own after cursing at it three times. Row 3 should have read: Ch 2, hdc in next 2 sts, *hdc in next 3sts), 2 hdc in same stitch (inc)* around to last 2 sts. hdc in each of next 2 sts. Join (22). Somehow, it left out the increase explanation. Oh well, no harm now. I also added an extra row of sc around the opening.

These fit perfectly, are super comfy (doesn't feel like I am walking on knots) and I would make them again.

In other news, it rained and rained and rained all weekend. I am still getting over that cold, as is Elena. She also has had some sort of stomach virus since Friday. She mentioned a few kids went to the nurses office for tummy aches and I should have realized then. Now she doesn't want to go to school tomorrow for fear of "having to poop a lot". I gave her some acidophyllis yesterday and this AM and am hoping she feels a bit better. A four day weekend, inside, was enough. I never left the house all weekend (which was okay for me). I may go to Michael's today, but I doubt it. I would much rather go alone.

I made more clutches with the Trendsetter yarn too. It didn't full, I did it in hot water with soap and nothing, no change in texture etc, however, it smells like an old goat now (the one I tested). I saw Joy made some of the clutches with chenille and I think that'll be my next "quick, doldrums" project.

Congrats to Kari for Mark Martin's win yesterday and to Tiff for the Astros winning their long ass game too! I know you both must be psyched.

I really am going to do Nat's large econo-shopper today, I swear.

Well, Monday morning beckons.......


Kari said...

I was tickled at Mark's win, we caught part of the astros game omg that was long.
Feel better. It's been rainy and cool/cold (depending on who ya ask lol) all weekend and today here too.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

rain here too is there a big cloud over the eastern united states ?

i *heart* those slippers..i have to m ake another pair since i cant find mine..

wearing my grinches today ..

mommiechickie said...

oh my I'll HAVE to make those slippers to match the throw I'm making my mother for Christmas she HATES going barefoot!! So when ya gonna make nat's econo shopper bag?? I'm in the process of making your marlvelous bag (fineally *hangs head in shame*) Hope Elena gets to feeling better!

Vik said...

I like these slippers!

Joy said...

I always get so inspired to try new things when I visit your blog!

Hence, the Claudia Clutch! :)

Cindy said...

I love those slippers. They look so comfy.

Jessi said...

Glad you tried that pattern. I printed out that pattern and have been meaning to make a pair. I want to add a Mary Jane strap. I need to change the size to 5 though so I'm putting it off because of that.
I hope that Elena feels better today :)

Sedie said...

Oh, how I wish is would rain here!!!!! We could use a cleansing.

Anyway, love the slippers. Anything that is toasty, comfy is all right by me!

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