Friday, October 07, 2005

Claudia Clutch from Lion Brand Website

This is a clutch is whipped up in about 1/2 hour from the Lion Website for the Claudia Clutch.

Of course, I didn't use the yarn they suggested, but some Trendsetter Yarn called Shake I picked up at a Tuesday Morning store for $2.99. It's a thick-thin bulky yarn, similar to Homespun, so I'm sure Homespun could be used with an "L" hook for the same results.

This used 30 yards of the yarn (the yarn is only 35 yards per ball). I used an "M" hook for it and the same flap variation as the pink one Lion has, except the flap had fewer stitches with the larger hook.

I love the colors in this yarn and have to tell you, I think it would full. It's 60% wool, 18% acrylic, 15% mohair and 7% polyamide, but it states on the label: Cold water wash-No detergent, dry cleaning recommended(in all caps), which makes me think this will completed fuzz up. What do you think?


Jessi said...

Hmm...well, you know I don't know anything about gelting but what I do know is that is super cute and I have some left over Homespun I might just make one with :)

Wendy said...

I think there is a 75% chance it would and a 25% chance it won't. :) It is a cute clutch!

Vera said...

That's such a cute little purse. I need to check out my local Tuesday Mornings.

Jewels said...

Neat looking yarn - I love the looks of the thick/thin stuff. Holy, pretty small ball of yarn though. Only $2.99 a ball so you should try felting'll be cute if it doesn't felt cause it's already cute!!

Sedie said...

Very cute clutch!

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