Friday, October 14, 2005


That's me today, Blah-blech-ugh. It's still raining, 7 days. The paper reported that since we've gotten so much rain, we are going to get beautiful, late foliage this year. Last month was record dry spell, so the tree leaves that changed went from green to brown. Some trade off, I say. Silver lining, the pool water level is now high enough for the autovac, which gets stuck on the freaking steps into the pool and in order for me to remove the steps I have to get in the disgusting, freezing water and lift out the two 50 lb sandbags holding them down. Which might mean going under water. Blech

If I have to listen to another kid show, I will scream. My daughter is doing 99% better today. She misses school. She's been good, I love her like crazy, but I am slowly going insane this week. The weather, her being sick, Mike have a "thing" at work that has been draining the life out of him, Aunt Flo, etc. I was telling Mike last night; we went on a great vacation and less than a week after we are home, things turn shitty. Never fails, honestly, never fails. All the R & R we got is now wiped out. Gawd, am I maudlin or what?

I'm tired, bored and cranky. I realized today I hadn't been out of my house, except to take Elena to the doctor and drug store afterwards, in over 1 1/2 weeks. I mean it too. I don't necessarily want to hang out with people, I would just like to see something other than my environment. Yeah, some stuff has been cleaned up, hauled out, weeded through, but still.

I am crocheting a gift for someone today. I also got the bright idea to use a strand of Lurex with the already pain in the ass yarn I am using. I am a genius sometimes. It looks nice though, but still. I plan to start the FCEC tote bag CAL this weekend and finally get my ass in gear and do Nat's bag.......I know that's been said before. I wanna dye some yarn too. Next week. Gotta start that soap too.

Well, if I haven't depressed you enough already, perhaps I've made you even happier now that I have laid out my dullsville life for this week. See, there was a silver lining!


Stacy said...

Poor you, I HATE weeks like that. But it can only last so long and once the sun comes back to our part of the world things will start to change. This weather sucks! I hope Elena is feeling better. Tell her Em says hello.

Stacey said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon (((hugs)))

Marvie said...

I go through times like that when I don't go anywhere for a couple/few weeks at a time.... and then I end up even more insane than I normally am lol. Every so often I do it by choice, I go into hermit mode....

Hope things pick up for you soon! {{{HUGS}}}

Kari said...

*hugs* HAng in there.

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