Friday, September 23, 2005

"Snuggly" Scarf Pattern (or one skein Homespun Scarf)

Snuggly Scarf
This scarf is super soft, super warm and works up in a jiffy!
Measures 5 1/2" x 60" (this version-you can make it any width, length you desire)

Now, I've had some questions, so I hope this clarifies some of them for you.

You can make this any size you want. Just make sure the starting chain is a multiple of 3 (eg-16=3 x 5 +1) and add 1 stitch to the starting chain.

Materials needed:
1 skein of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn-6 ounce skein, 185 yards (you will have a little left over)
M hook
Blunt needle to weaving in ends

Stitches Used:
Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc) and Double Crochet (dc)


Chain 13

Row 1-*Sc, dc, dc* in second chain from hook (all three stitches in same stitch), skip two chains and repeat from * to * ending with a sc in last chain. Chain 2 and turn.
In second chain from hook, do one single crochet and two double crochets, all in the same stitch. Skip two chain and do one single crochet/2 double crochets in the next stitch across. The the last stitch, skip two chains and do one single crochet in the last stitch, chain 2 and turn.

This row may look wonky, it'll work out in the next row and you will see the pattern

Row 2-?: 2 dc in same stitch as sc in last row, *sc, dc, dc* in sc of previous row across to end, end with sc in last chain, ch 2 and turn.
Now, do 2 double crochets in the single crochet from the last row. This will be the first stitch. Then continue with skip two chains and single crochet/2 double crochet in next stitch (this stitch with be the single crochet from the previous row).

Just continue this pattern until it's the size you want, for as many rows as desired. You can make it wider and longer, bu using more yarn or thinner and longer, etc. It's your call. The one I made measures 5 1/2" x 60 and used up almost a whole skein of the Homespun. I did the fringe for the ends and still had a little left over.

You can leave it as is, it won't curl or add fringe across ends, knotting ends of fringe to prevent fraying.

You can use a few strands of thinner yarn held together for a different look, smaller hook/thinner yarn, etc. Just adjust your starting chain according to the instructions and this scarf can have a million different looks.

Images are clickable

Copyright 2005 Deneen St Amour, please don't swipe this as your own and sell this pattern. Pattern may be linked only. Pattern cannot be sold, but scarves made from it may and all that other legal stuff!

Edited 12/09/05


Joy said...

Gorgeous, as always! Thank you for sharing the pattern! :)

Stacey said...

Beautiful pattern! And I have 2 odd skeins of homespun (different colors) that need used up, too!

Sedie said...

Thanks for sharing, I'll have to whip that up with some homespun I have at home!

Heather said...

Well.. guess my homespun is now spoken for too! Perty Perty Deneen!!

Jewels said...

Yay I love homespun. I'm going to show your pattern to my g/f who I just taught how to crochet last weekend. Way to go Deneen.

Donna said...

Love the scarf Deneen...great color choice too. I am eagerly awaiting cooler weather.

Jessi said...

Ooh...neat! I love that color Homespun you used!! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you very much for sharing this pattern! I had most of a skein of Homespun left over after making myself a "Martha" poncho, and this scarf not only used up the yarn, but looks GREAT with the poncho! Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

are you sure it is only 38 rows? I didn't keep track, but after 56 inches and a whole skein of homespun, it felt like a lot more than 38 rows, possibly over 50, and I used a size N hook and have a pretty loose gauge. Other than that I loved the pattern, and am making another, this time keeping track of rows.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant way to add texture! I adore it. And Homespun is usually on sale somewhere. Three people are getting this scarf this holiday season. Thank you SO MUCH for posting.

Anonymous said...

i love this pattern .. i just used the pattern with some balls of yarn that i had left over from other projects .. and it looks awesome! ... i love it .. i am making myself a scarf with it ... i havent ever made myself anything!! Thanks !

Donna Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing this pattern Deneen! I just made one (will post a pic on my blog in the next day or so) out of Red Heart Casual Cottn and a G hook. It turned out really nice and matched a hat I made last weekend for a gift! Love the pattern!!!

Alexis said...

Hi there! :) Thanks to you (and the Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendar, and the absolutely FREEZING weather we're having here in NY!), I am working on a scarf like this for myself now. The color I'm using is "Tudor," which should come out looking really cool since the colors change gradually. I was wondering if you have any more pictures of the one you made? I want to make sure that my pattern looks right, and it's hard to tell from the picture in the calendar and the one in this entry. Thanks!!

Deneen said...

Alexis-send me your regular email addy and I can send you additional pics as an attachment. yarnsandmusings (at)

Alexis said...

Update: I finished my snuggly scarf, and I LOVE it! It's so, well, snuggly. Now I am going to make one for a friend, only I'm going to try using a smaller hook, and making it a little wider. Thanks so much for your help.

Deneen said...

Yay! I am happy it worked out for you Alexis. The beauty of this is that you can use any yarn/any hook size. The Homespun makes it super soft and I wrote the pattern to use up a single skein of Homespun I had laying around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!I made this with a "Simply Soft" yarn,and it works up very cute!Kind of a 'bumpy shell' pattern:) Thanks again!

Deneen said...

You are welcome-I use Simply Soft when I make my Bubbles Baby Blanket and it uses the same stitch pattern as this scarf.

KenziKat said...

This pattern is AWESOME! I recently started crocheting again after a many-year hiatus ... and this enabled me to get a couple projects done quickly. I made two of these scarves, one for each of my daughers. It is the greatest pattern w/ variegated yarn!! Thanks for sharing :)

Cherrel said...

Thank you so much for this pattern.
I am going to make it into a prayer scarf with the corinthian color.

Anonymous said...

Made the scarf today and have to say the pattern worked very well with Homespun. Thanks so much for sharing!

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