Saturday, September 24, 2005

Okay, so I lied-really last post til next week

Okay, I lied. I did fully intend for my last post to be the last til I left, but then MAIL GOODIES!!!! Beth, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful belated birthday surprise! I am so excited. First of all, she sent 400 yards of the delicious Carnival yarn! This is a yummy blend of silk and rayon, like a happy rainbow in a yarn cake and I have the pattern picked out! Dawn's Keyhole Scarf! Beth also sent a set of smaller (sizes D-H) Brittany wooden hooks, to complete my set in a nifty case.

Thank you so much my dear-after my self-imposed yarn diet this was double exciting for me, but you know you didn't have to!

I love ya and thanks!!!!


Wendy said...

Oooohhhh...ahhhhhh....that yarn looks scrumptious and I bet the brittany hooks are fun to use. I have one set of brittany knitting needles and really love them.

Joy said...

*drools over the yarn* What a lovely gift! :) Have fun on your vaction, I shall miss you!

Vik said...

What a great gift!
I love the wooden hooks!
and the yarn is so pretty!

Granny said...

Beautiful yarn. I too shall miss you madly... Have a blast on your vacation.

Sedie said...

Yummy!! Enjoy the yarn and your vacation!

Donna said...

I am turning green with envy. I have been dying for hooks like that. I have no idea where to find them.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

how did i miss this post.. you are so welcome !!! i am glad you love the stuff !!!

cause i love you !!!
but i dont miss you when i am in gym class LOL

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