Monday, September 05, 2005

Moonlight Mohair

Well, I bought the yarn. I had a $30 gift card, a 40% off coupon, a 50% off coupon and bought four skeins and am praying it's enough. It was $9 a skein, which for Lion Brand anything seems high, but how I wanted it. I picked it up and put it down no less than 4 times. I went through all the other yarn there and couldn't find anything even close to it. I may try the trellis shawl (which may not work out, I may have needed more yarn) or the mohair shawl from Crochet Me!, which uses 440 yds of mohair, but has ginormous tassels, which I wouldn't make. I have 340 yards, which with the discounts still cost $28.00. I really want a gift card to eBay to get the rayon silk yarn, a whole 2 lbs. for $13.00. There's always Christmas!

This is the yarn I bought and the color is Rainforest, which is definitely prettier than the picture.

On to other things, my pattern tester Heather, found a huge goof in my Marvelous Felted Tote pattern. I left out 9 sc! Eeeks! Thank goodness I had people testing. The bag was accepted yesterday to the calendar from pictures, I told Annie the pattern was being tested and she asked to see it to try it out with some wool she had in her stash. Of course, I sent her the correction, but of all times to have a correction, it had to be with her.

The cookout was fab yesterday, fun was had by all. Today we plan to have a cookout with shrimp, Dungeness crabs, stuffed clams and Jersey white corn. Kind of a "end of summer", just Mike, myself and Elena (not that Elena will eat any of it, but still).

Tomorrow school starts. I am nervous and excited all at once. My mom took the day off to see Elena off too, as well as Mike. I plan to finally get the pool lounge set up and hang out there one day, alone! It even has a drink holder, so I'm psyched for the time. The house is actually clean, just the playroom and office are horrendous. I can work on it next week, I am so looking forward to quiet and a shower without interruptions, I may just burst from the excitement.

Have a good holiday!


Heather said...

Great buy Deneen! You nearly did it to the T didnt you? HA HA!

Have a wonderful day of relaxation. Have tissues handy. This is a milestone, and honey it flies by after tomorrow.

NS said...

I'm jealous that Elena is just now starting school. My kids have been back at school since August first! Now, ain't that just wrong?

Sara said...

Holy crap that stuff is expensive! But I've seen it in stores and I've been coveting it, too.

Elena is heading for 1st grade, right? I'm so excited for her. Tell her to have a great day. 1st grade is totally cool!!!

DAWN said...

Your seafood cookout menu sounds marvelous! I want some (how's about I eat Elena's portion since she isn't into it?). Enjoy the bliss that is school from the adults point of view!!

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