Friday, September 02, 2005

"Marvelous" Felted Mini Tote Bag

Marvie had done a similar one some time ago and, of course, didn't write up the pattern. I decided to give it a try and even wrote out the pattern-perhaps a submission for the 2007 calendar. Anyway, it's named for Marvie!

I used the wool my secret sistah sent and probably should have doubled it up to make it firmer, but it's fine for toting around a crochet project, as long as it's small.

I am looking for testers, I did post a call on Crochetville, but of course, you guys can test too.

I used about 3.5 ounces of ww wool and a k hook.

It's not completely dry, so measurements weren't done. It's actually blocking on my head mannequin right now. I realized a few changes I should have made and rewrote the pattern.

Here's a few pics:

Before fulling

After Fulling


Jessica said...

Looks great, Deneen! I love the colors - very nice and deep, but still cheerful.

(If I weren't right in the middle of trying to write up two patterns I'd be happy to test it with some country blue wool some wonderful person sent me. :)

Kimberly said...

I would love to test it for you Deneen....but first I'll have to check if I can actually get wool here that will felt! I love the bag, and the colors are great!!

noricum said...

Nice bag! I like the way you striped the purple and green together. :)

Jewels said...

Love your color choices!! Really cute bag - maybe a sock project bag. You're getting good at writing patterns!!

defiant goddess said...

I'm late, I know, but I'm catching up on my blog friends and Kari had posted about your birthday. So... happy belated birthday!!!! :)

Sara said...


Marvie said...

Wow, nobody's ever named anything after me before *g*

Looks great! I'd offer to test it, but I'm fresh out of wool at the moment and no idea when I'll be getting any. I do love the colors you used!

mommiechickie said...

cute bag!! I'd be glad to test it for you!! my email is "mycrochetvilleid" The link to the icon I made is on my blog now, I can email it to you if you'd like. Or I could just post it here, but I'd rather not be a spammer :lol

Anonymous said...



Amie said...

The shape is cute!

Sedie said...

I love the bag! I also love the color you used.

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