Friday, September 23, 2005

Finally Finished "Blues" Shawl

For some reason, this was slow going. It was an easy pattern, but whenever I feel rushed, I make stupid little mistakes (like forgetting the chain 2 in between and going around for another round before noticing it), etc. I also used the aluminum K hook with the Rainbow Boucle cause I hated the squeaky noise the damn yarn make on my Crystallites hook. Anyway, it's this pattern. I did the full 28 rounds and then finished the neckline as it said to. Since I doubt the rainbow boucle fringes well, and I wasn't about to try it on this one, I did a shell stitch edging around and the second round a chain stitch from shell to shell.

I am now stuck with 1/4 ball of Rainbow boucle and have no clue what to do with it? I want to make a few scarves perhaps, but want to work them so it's tonal like this and not gradiated color. That would mean a granny square type round, which I hate making. This shawl was done from the middle out and it is kinda granny square stitch. Anyway, any ideas or pattern suggestions would be nice!

Other news, the Back to School night went well, which I knew it would. Elena really adores school, which is cool. Anyway, in kindergarten they are keeping journals using a writing method which goes by what they hear. An example would be: I am a grl for "I am a girl". Since I volunteered to be a helper at the school, they asked me to come in and help out with the journal writing. It's pretty time intensive and they have a teacher and two aides work with the kids, but with 16 of em, it takes a while. Of course I said yes. I also decided to lead a Daisy Girl Scout Group. It's every other week. We can do it at the school or the firehouse. Now, it all sounded great til I realized I needed "training seminars and CPR certifications". It's all making me double think this. I thought it would be fun for Elena to do that and then Brownies. I never did either, but was a Girl Scout for a few years. Of course, my mom never was a leader, but I thought it would be good for Elena since soccer is done the end of October and twice a month seems easy. I'm already scratching my head over this decision.

I have to really pack up a bunch of stuff today for the trip. I do have to do laundry tomorrow too cause I need the clothing in the hamper for myself for the trip, as well as need to wash Elena's soccer uniform for next Saturday.

Elena has her sleep over party tonight and I am nervous about it. Just nervous she'll be scared and too embarrassed to have them call me to get her. Nervous she'll avoid the bathroom at all costs. Okay, just outright nervous. My husband is anxious for the time together alone tonight, but I know both of us will be fretting and waiting for the phone to ring.

I decided to take a ball of wool and my felted tote bag pattern. I can't full it there, of course, but it'll give me something easy and mindless. I may take the bowl pattern and give it another go with different wool too.

Well, I'm off to do some stuff around here. Have a nice day!


Natalie said...

I hope Elena has a good time tonight, and since I won't talk to you efore you leave I hope you have an awesome, relaxing trip!!

And if you come up with any answers on that boucle... let me know. I've got the same problem!

Sedie said...

I'm sure Elena will have a great time! You enjoy the time with your DH. . . ;) Can't wait to hear about your trip.

BTW - check out my blog, you thought being a Duck was bad? Try being a Monkey!!! lol

ladylinoleum said...

Shawl is absolutely beautiful!

Jessi said...

Ooh, like the shawl. I have yet to try the rainbow boucle.
My daughter was in the Daisies also, and she kept on for 2 years after that, whatever that would make her, I forgot. Good luck with that.
Elena was fine wasn't she? ....although I'm a tad worried about her bladder. It can't be good for her to hold it so much??
Have fun packing....*snicker*

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