Wednesday, August 17, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Well, I am almost finished Elena's bolero. I decided to do a trim around the whole thing, although the original pattern didn't have any. I also had to do some tweaking, but all in all it came out beautifully. I'm planning to make a matching "Girly Girl Halter" to go with it. I also have some Lang cotton blend in variegated purples I may pull out and make a different top with, hence she'll have two tops to wear with it.

I also decided to make each of my three aunts shawls for Christmas with the Rainbow Boucle. I'll make one from the Groovy Crochet site, one from Vicki's pattern and one will be more of a rectangle wrap, perhaps one from Dot's Site. My one aunt is only 4"11", the other is about 5'6" and the other is about 5'11" (where I think Elena gets her height). I also plan to make a shawl for Mike's fathers wife. I guess I better get hooking and stop talking about it.

I ordered more silverplate to make some more stitch markers. I have hoops, earwires, but really, really like using the lever back markers I was RAOK'd some time ago. I ordered some lever backs and hopefully they will be in soon. I like using silverplated findings cause they are very, very heavy and sturdy, plus are so bright. I know it costs more, but I love the brightness of them. Beading will have to be done once school starts though, cause once Elena sees the beads, she's in my face to "help".

I also won the "Your Name in Filet" crochet leaflet off of eBay for $2.25. I want to do Elena's name. I've never done filet crochet, but Marvie and Regina say it's pretty easy.

Other than that, Elena has some major bruising on one leg from the dual shots there. She also complained (a lot) of muscle pain on that leg. Poor baby. She's still in bed, which is good, hopefully she can rest up from yesterday. My guilt from it all is overwhelming, but she is so forgiving and sweet. The PMS monster is bad, really bad this month. I am so crampy, tired and miserable from it. I wish I knew what to do to stop it, but I can't.

Well, off to finish the bolero!


Kari said...

FIlet is fun!

Joy said...

Another thing I need to learn, filet.

I haven't signed up for the stitch marker swap, I don't know if I have the energy. :)

Poor bebe with the shots! Ouch. I always cry when Jacob gets his.

Jessi said...

Aw, poor Elena. I hate that. IGabby is going to the dr today and will probably get blood drawn. Ugh. Can't wait to see pics of the latest bolero. I need to learn filet too. I have been scared of

Stacey said...

Poor kiddo. I hope she's feeling better soon. And you, too. If I were in charge of the world there would be a major PMS eradication program :)

mommiechickie said...

I like filet, thread is hard for me, but the filet is just chains and double crochets...glad to hear that elena is forgiving about the shots! Poor thing, I wish there were an easier way to do the'd think if they are going to stick them in the same place, they could put them in the same needle!! sigh
can't wait to see the bolero and the girly girl halter :)

Sedie said...

Have fun with the filet as well as the projects for the holidays. I hope Elena feels better soon, no fun to feel crappy when you're a kit. . . when you're any age actually!

ladylinoleum said...

Filet IS easy Deneen. Just a bunch of DC's and CH's. Use the chart and mark off rows as you go. That's what I do. The charts look daunting until you realize it's one row at a time. No worries.

Megan said...

Thanks for the bigger-than-normal-hook tip for the Rainbow Boucle. The pattern calls for a G hook, and I swatched today with a K and got the right gauge.... Good luck with all of your shawls!

Faith said...

I've never seen the silverplate - you've piqued my curiosity. Post a pic after you make some??

The PMS monster is here too. I was a major b**** on Monday and couldn't figure out why (why does it always take me a day or two to figure it out? It's not like this is a new occurance!), then the rest of it hit yesterday. You should have seen the chocolate fix before bed last night - lol!

Hope you're feeling a little better today, and that the bruising on Elena's leg is coming down a bit. I HATE shots.

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