Wednesday, August 03, 2005

WIP Wednesday and tumultuous Tuesday

Argh......I seem to be using that a lot lately.

Yesterday, I didn't post (so rare for me) because it was the day from heck! I dare not say hell, cause it wasn't that bad, but started off bad enough.

6:00 AM-Mike is shaking me awake telling me "I had a headache, it's bad and behind my eye, what should I do?". Being the good wife, I told him to take something and I would rub his head (the one on his shoulders) and try to "whisk the tension away". Ten minutes later he's anxious as hell and really freaking out. I made an ice pack for him, I made coffee (caffeine), sat with him, stared at him, you get the picture. Finally, he announces he's going back upstairs to bed and would I please "check on him".

I go on the computer, am not on five minutes when I hear him vomiting his brains out upstairs. Elena is screaming from her bedroom "Help, what is all that noise?, is somebody puking?". Now I am torn--do I go into see Mike or Elena. Okay, the puking grossed me out so I called into him and went to see Elena.

Now, we also had a dentist appointment, yes all of us. I needed a cleaning and check up, as did Elena and Mike, well he needed to pick up his x-rays to have a tooth pulled (our doctor doesn't do it).

Anyway, Mike cancelled his appointment and Elena and I went. I told the dentist to take Elena first, but no, he knows best (my ass). He cleaned my teeth in front of Elena, which freaked her out completely. She had her teeth cleaned six months ago and was fine, but obviously after seeing me, she decided it sucked. She let him check her teeth, but no cleaning. She was too busy crying and holding her mouth closed for that. Great, she used to like the dentist-schmuck!

So, then we go to the post office and the drugstore and head home. Mike is up and about, feeling a bit better. He decided to go to work and wanted us to go in with him for a few hours. Now, Mike works about 1 1/4 hours away, so I packed up a few things and off we went. Well, you know at home I have dial-up, well at work Mike has some super speed that you blink and it's up and running. Elena played games, she loved it. I surfed the net like never before and am cursing Mike for not getting this at home. Anyway, back to the subject.

Mike works with someone who is super talented, does fab artwork. She has done a bunch of the art designs for the Arizona Tea Stress formula's, she does gorgeous jewelry designs, paints, etc. She also does fantastic origami. She brought some paper in and showed Elena how to fold. Elena fell in love with her. She told me she was "in love with Linda". Elena adored being with Mike at the office, I thought I would go insane. Obviously, I am not as easily entertained as Elena. We left the office at 5:30 and Mike actually took us shopping. First, he took us to a Michaels, which didn't have anything new, but the thought was nice. Next Ross, where I actually found a pair of Levis (clearance, of course), linen tank top for the trip and new Skechers, which, Mike bought me!! Woo-hoo. Then off to Cracker Barrel for a truly crappy meal. I never had a bad one there, but ick, it sucked. We didn't get home til 9:30, Elena needed a bath, I needed a soak, etc. 11:30 we all went to bed including Elena. No crocheting done, no blogging, no nothing. Arghhhh.......

WIP Wednesday, still doing the bathing suit cover up skirt. Slow, but steady. I did pick up another skein of Microspun to finish it-not the same lot number, but hopefully it won't show too much in plain ebony.

Also, my pain is much improved. Like an jackass, I decided not to take the Mobic (arthritis med). It's been months since I took it. I believe "less is better". I am not crazy about all the hit doctors keep trying to shovel in me. Anyway, after weeks of pain and finally just a crappy weekend where I could barely walk, I grabbed the Mobic bottle and took one. The next day, I took another, damn if I don't feel 99% better. Now I am kicking myself in the ass for not taking it and being so stubborn. I actually slept better too. Sometimes my own stubbornness bites me in the ass!


Kari said...

*hugs* Glad your pain is better.
Sorry your day was crappy. Hope Mike is better and your day is better today.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you had a bad day.

Anonymous said...

The previous message was left by your Secret Sistah.

This one too.

Joy said...

"The one on his shoulders" made me choke on my water!

Gaaaaahhh...what an ordeal! I'm so sorry! :(

Anonymous said...

will the real secret sistah please stand up?

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