Wednesday, August 31, 2005

WIP Wednesday and other Stuff

WIP Wednesday


Two Ditty Bags
Two pair of baby Socks
Baby Cap
Surprise for my SS

Working on:
Bubbles Baby Car Blanket.

Once the blanket is done, I can get down to some stuff I want to do.

WIM: Donna's Ophelia Bolero (to die for). Now, if I only had some rayon/silk yarn! I haven't decided what to do this in, but I know I'll make one for Elena in Caron SS Brites in the turquoise color

Small Felted Crochet Bag


Shawl for me for Bermuda

Must Start:

Aunts gifts for Christmas
Secret gift
Scarf Swap stuff
Stitch marker swap stuff

Other Stuff

Katrina has hit New Orleans hard. Ditto for Biloxi. My thoughts are with everyone who have to go through this. I cannot imagine.

My daughter is already making her Christmas list. Damn Nick TV and their commercials.

I'll be 41 years old tomorrow. Elena informed me she prefers me at 40.

Elena has two more loose teeth and apparently, the ones coming in the bottom hurt a little.
I decided to share a pic of her which looks like she has no teeth coming in, but is perfect to keep as that "when you lost your front teeth" picture.

I posted a pic of Elena with a crab yesterday. Baltimore has these decorated crabs all over. It was an elementary school project where each school was given a ginormous cement crap and decorated and painted it with scenes from Baltimore. I took 52 pictures on my trip, at least 25 are Elena posing with one of the crabs. In some of the pics, you can't tell which is the "real" crab though.

Lori's pooky contacted me yesterday to let me know her surgery was successful and the stoma is working well. Apparently her output yesterday was more than her entire output since the first surgery. Unfortunately, the epidural didn't work correctly and she is in a lot of pain. I hope this diminishes as the day goes on and she is back her her old "shroney" self. Poor thing, this was a horrendous summer for her and my heart goes out to her.

Lastly, some aquarium pics. Gawd, I love this camera my hubby got me last Christmas.

Okay, apparently the word "crap" flies off my fingers more easily than the word "crab", but it got your attention, didn't it!


Amanda said...

Ha!! You said ginormous cement crap!! Thanks for the laugh :) Great pictures from the trip, glad you were able to get a little R&R.

Jessica said...

You've sure been busy!

Kimberly said...

Love the pics...I too noticed the "ginormous cement crap" line while reading your blog via bloglines and gave a little snicker or two. Elena looks so cute without her front teeth!

Natalie said...

OMG, your girl has got some gorgeous eyes!! Look at those lashes!! Those crabs are cute, too.

Jessi said...

That was great. And the Ophelia Bolero...I had to buy that pattern. But I don't have any yarn for But I LOVE it.
Those pics are awesome. But I'm really upset after reading what you wrote about Lori. I just want something to go her way and for her to feel better. I can't stand that she's hurting.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i will not razz you about your typo.. but i will say Elena is the cutest snaggletoothed hag i have ever seen (that is a compliment.. in my family that is what we call ppl that are losing or have lost teeth)

looks like you had a great time.. i love sea urchins.. they always amaze me !

ThreeOliveMartini said...

or are those anemone? always confused!

Jewels said...

yep, caught the "crap" typo too, hehe. Winnipeg has a bunch of cement decorated polar bears all around the city, great for summer tourist time.

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