Sunday, August 14, 2005

Weekend Woes

What an absolutely shitty weekend, seriously. First, we did go to the 4-H Fair Friday. Rides always open at 12 noon. We get there 11:30, walk through the rabbit/small critter tent. Ooh and aah the Angora's and then head to the horses/sheep/pigs/fowl etc. Now, it's about 96 degrees with 85% humidity and I am already sweating my ass off. Elena is complaining that it smells like "horse pucky" and is hot and really stinky. Oh, I could already tell it was gonna be a fab day. We quickly go through the stables (no, no one was with the sheep, I didn't get to ask about the fleece). Anyway, we get to the ticket booth and there's a sign, "Rides open at 1:00 PM. WTF, now I gotta kill 45 minutes in this hell hole. Anyway, we look at some of the ribbon winners, which was in a hot ass building and thrilled Elena beyond words (sarcasm here), saw some model trains, which she liked and kept her occupied for about 20 minutes. By now, I am so hot, my clothes are soaking wet (gross huh) and stretched all funky. Mike, who took a day off of work for this, was less thrilled than I. He has no patience for this stuff and hates doing it. I do it for my daughter, she loves it and looks forward to it every year, so what's a bit of discomfort for her. Anyway, Mike is whining incessantly and I cannot wait for the rides to open so we can get the hell out of there. We have now killed about 30 minutes and head over for something to drink. Elena is nagging me constantly about the heat. Her cheeks are bright red (she doesn't sweat well, gets all red on her legs, etc. Doc says something about sweatglands immature). I wet three paper towels and ties them around her neck. We head to the rides. I kid you fucking not, they changed the sign to 2:00 PM ride opening. Mike is freaking out and wants to leave, I am so hot, I think I have lost 5 lbs just standing there and Elena is not budging from the fair til she rides the rides. We have another hour to kill--I see two girls twirling batons and beg them to practice in front of Elena. That entertained her for about 10 minutes-50 minutes to go. I don't even know what we did other than sit and sweat, honestly. The rides opened and we bought the $12 wristband. I walk her over to the giant slide and, I can't help her cause I didn't buy a wrist band. Now there are 6 freaking rides, two are baby rides and I have to buy a wristband to help a 5 year old go down a ginormous slide. Well, screw that. Okay, head to the ferris wheel, she loved it last year. She refuses and starts to cry she doesn't like any of this years rides. Oh farts, I think. She announces she needs a pony ride, which of course, are not covered by the wristband. I walk her over, pay $4 a ride and let her go, twice. She would have gone on again, but the kid running it decided to brush the sweat off her pony and hit a "sore spot" and the damn thing started to buck. Elena's not strapped on, but the look on her face is pure fear. I'm ready to go over the fence, but her calms down, Elena finishes the ride and doesn't ask for any more. She then announces, "I'm now ready for the rides". We get on the ferris wheel. She is freaking out, screaming, etc. The guy calls up to us about stopping the ride and she is screaming "Yes, yes, get me off this crazy thing". We get off, she rides some car thingy twice and she's done. So yes, I waiting 2 1/2 hours for 10 minutes of rides to make my daughter happy.

We headed home and stripped naked in the living room and basked in the air conditioning.

Later we ran to Target (Ink cartridges), Jo-Ann (used my coupon for the red boucle and bought the green online with that coupon). I need, want and hope to get soon the plum one. They were out at mine and don't have it on line.

Now I notice Elena's cheeks are still pretty red, especially the right one. I put some Hydrocortisone on it and figure it's just an irritation.

Saturday AM-Elena now has a rash on her chest and chin area. It's itchy, red raised bumps. I put some anti-itch allergy stuff on it. She's due for her last three shots for school (which I put off for two years) and I know if this rash sticks around, they will postpone them. Damn.

We all swim in the pool, happy family day. Suddenly I get a stomach cramp and from that time on (2:00 PM til 12:30 AM, am in and out of the bathroom at least hourly. I am so sick, I cannot fathom doing anything.

Sunday-My brother's birthday is Friday, but he's going away, so we plan a brunch for him. I verify it through him twice. Now, I have to tell you, they are always late. I let them pick the time and then, in my head, added 1/2 hour to it.

Elena woke up with the rash worse, so I send Mike for some Benadryl. Mistake one. Mike gets back, I give her two of the pills and we start cooking. Scrambled eggs with chorico, peppers and onions, homemade belgian waffles, raspberry fruit compote, hashbrown casserole, rashers of bacon and breakfast sausage. My mom comes over around 10:00 AM.

Elena is playing with my mother and is in such an agitated state, I am stunned. I knew the damn antihistamines screwed with her, but not this much. She is in a tizzy screaming how she will never, ever take that medicine again cause "it's freaking her out". By now 11:00 AM has rolled around. We know they are always late, so we figure 11:30. 12:00 noon, I call their house (which is about a 30 minute drive to mine), no answer, all three of their cell phones, no answer. Mike, who finds the little lateness rude enough is pissed. He put this meal together and they're an hour late and don't call or anything. 12:30, they call from one of the cell phones claiming to be running a bit late. 30 minutes later they call and say they are in Mays Landing, the next town over, 12 minutes away. 30 minutes later Mike announces he is no longer cooking the big holiday dinners for these ingrates and how rude they always are. They finally show up, only a mere 2 1/2 hours later for breakfast. Mike leaves the house the minute they come in. My SIL, who is high maintenance, is annoying me by discussing the traffic jams-right. We sit to eat and she asks for Mike and I tell her he's a bit upset about them being so late and not having the courtesy to even call til they saw my phone number on their caller ID. She gives some smart ass answer, to which my brother starts a fight with her about. Suddenly Elena is like the girl on the Exorcist with her screaming, rolling eyes, just plain creepy. BTW, the bacon was burnt, the sausage dried out, the waffles too chewy from being in a low heat oven for 2 hours.

My brother was embarassed, but he could have called or at least apologized, but no. All I know is my SIL couldn't get out of bed to get to the house on time, then refused to call and was very arrogant about the whole thing. Finally I gave her shit, my mother did, my brother did, meant nothing. She then flippantly told me as they were leaving, "Mike'll get over it soon, no no biggie". Well she doesn't know Mike-he will not forget, trust me.

They leave and it's my mom, Mike, Elena and Myself and my mom says she's leaving (it's kinda a weirded out moment). She leaved and proceeds to drive across our lawn instead of backing out of the driveway. Well, Mike's lawn. He is livid and I am so stressed at this point. He rants about that for 10 minutes and then just decides to take out demon child for a swim. Finally the Benadryl has worn off and she is more like herself. We all swim for about an hour and Elena walks in the house, takes off her suit and literally passes out on the couch for 2 1/2 hours. Shit!!!! She'll never get to sleep tonight, but ya know what, she went up at 10:00, so fingers crossed she sleeps all night.

Anyway, I'm sitting here now putting it all into perspective and not really making any headway on what the hell really happened to the weekend.

Oh, the rash is still there and the color ink cartridge for my printer I bought isn't working-WTF. Now I have to make a return--rat fink Lexmark bastards.

I did crochet a few bookmarks this weekend and am working on a short shrug for Elena from CaneyLady's Creations pattern.

Night all, hope your weekend was better than mine. Silver lining, Elena told me she had the best time at the fair with me, as usual. She loved swimming in the pool too and she really had a great weekend, except for the Benadryl part and the rude part of Aunt see, it wasn't that bad!


Sharon said...

Sorry about your weekend. That's why we don't have inlaws any more, lol!

Marvie said...

Ugh, it sounds horrible! Sorry you had to go through all that! Here's hoping for a better week to come!


Kari said...

*hugs* See why I live stats (litterally) away from my family? Saves all the trouble muhahaha

Wendy said...

Wow, crazy! Hey, maybe your daughter has Fifth's Disease. You can read about it here...

Also, it could be some type of heat rash.

Sorry about your crazy week. I am mailing you the CE, tomorrow. I finally got it packed up...I=Lazy.

Jessica said...

Wow. I thought my weekend was bad because I spent it cleaning, but it pales in comparison to yours! But, with any luck, you've used up your shittiness for the rest of the week!

The Shrone said...

Sounds to me that your SIL has major issues going on to what appears to be purposefully showing up late. I don't get it, personally. If anyone were to offer to make me the kind of breakfast you described, I'd show up early and eat myself silly! I guess some people don't get it.

I could feel the heat and stickiness of the fair as you recounted the experience. I suppose in the end it was worth it since Elena was happy. If she ever says you're a mean, rotten mother, just remind her of the unbearable day you took her to the fair.

Sedie said...

OMG!! I can't imagine having the weekend you just had. Your SIL seems a bit "off". Hope things look up for you this week. . . all's well that ends well.

Heather said...

OMG!!! I'm sorry, I don't mean to find humor in your pain but I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and I can't even close my mouth! Your weekend was seriously screwed up....I've had times like that, where everything gets so screwy to the point where i think the only thing that will top it off is the world imploding! Poor girl..and I feel for ya about the whole late thing..that seriously pisses me off too! Hang in there!

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