Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Too much sleep Tuesday

Okay, last night I fell asleep around 8:30 on the couch, woke up at 10 to go up to bed. Tossed and turned all night, a fitful sleep and woke up feeling like I slept too much. Stiff and sore all over, groggy as hell. At least Monday was better than the weekend, now how often can you say that????????

I am working on the "Ella" bolero for Elena in CE Sugarplum. Lavender is now her fav color of the moment. I have so many patterns I am dying to get to, not enough darn time!

Elena is getting her three vaccinations today. The horrible mom that I am postponed them, so now 3 at once. She's been asking me every ten minutes or so if her appointment is still on. She's anxious and so am I. I know how much I dread my flu shot, lab work, etc., so........Her rash is 98% gone too. I don't know what the hell it was, but she's back to being "herself" again. You know, on the sleep she had the other night, last night she stayed up til 10 and I had to practically tie her to her bed. This new school schedule is going to rock her and me both. I am so bad at the schedule thing. You see, I was an extremely anxious child, stuttered, etc. My mother was a bit of a taskmaster (I'm being kind) and I was that way because of how things were at home. I swore I would not be that way with Elena. I'm not, but yet she's still a high strung kid-genetics I guess....damn! Elena is a flapper-when she's excited she flaps her arms. She gotten better, catches herself and claps her hands together. She is just full of energy and high strung. I discussed hyperness with her doctor, but he said she's just that way.....too smart for her own good too. She thinks things through and mulls over stuff. Normally a 5 year old wouldn't do that (according to him). She is precocious for sure.

Anyway, I am still bitchy...PMS is in full swing and Aunt Flo is looming over me. My skin looks a mess, my sleep is messed up and I feel so crampy and bitchy.

Oh, I did finish the Caney Lady Shrug for Elena. It was about 3 sizes too small (argh) and I followed exact directions. Anyway, I RAOK'd it to someone who has a 2 year old daughter.

Well, the appointment isn't til 2:30, but I have stuff to do here. I need more coffee too!


Stacy said...

I know how you're feeling about those shots. Em's due for hers too. It's never fun.

I showed Em a pic of Elena in her new shrug. She loves the shrug and thinks she should have one of her own. She also said "Mom, I didn't know Elena grew up already." lol

Sedie said...

good luck with the shots. Hope you enjoy your day and can get better sleep tonight.

mommiechickie said...

Sorry to hear about the rash, and the weekend at the fair....this year will be the first year we take the kids, and I'm dreading it already...at least they are small enough that they won't know the diffrence if we don't let them ride the rides right (yeah right) Hope Elena is feeling better today, even with the shots, and I hope you are as well



Amanda said...

Like my husband says in all his infinite wisdom (yeah, right) "It could be worse...you could be getting fucked in the ass by a 700 pound gorilla!" Ah yes, he has such a way with words. Hang in there!

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