Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursdays Thoughts

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed this AM. I want to do some cleaning, my house is a literal pig pen, although I think the pigs would reject living here now. I do want to mop all the hard floors, do laundry (my own private fetish), clean the pool from all the thunderstorm crap, have to go to Target and the drug store, which I think I will do tonight. Target tomorrow night after the 4-H Fair. I don't feel like dragging Elena cause she is at that "Let's get out of here" stage in all stores and frankly, I'm not in the mood. Mike actually took off tomorrow to go with us. Not the most patient man in the world, we'll see how that goes. Also, my bestest friend in the world, Julie called two days ago. She moved away from me (boo-hoo!) for a man, who she later married, who then passed away and stayed. We have been friends for 15 years, but recently the demands of life and my bad phone skills have prevented us from really talking or seeing each other for a year-I do suck!

Anyway, she called, she came down to the shore to see her sister and is here til Friday, did I want to get together? I finally called her back, no answer, no voice mail. Man, I hate that. I mean I finally get up off my ass and call and no credit! Anyway, maybe she'll come over today, she doesn't mind my messiness, she's worse.

Now crochet stuff, I am working on the Bianca Bolero and for some reason, it's driving me nuts. Stitches are simple, etc, it's the joining parts that I am confused about. My crochet pursuits went well over the weekend and Monday, but from Tuesday on, nothing and I mean nothing has worked out. I must have started ten things and not one of them made it through. Damn, I hate when my brain won't function crochet-wise. It's not the pattern's fault, not the yarn's fault, it's my brain-blah!

Anyway, some good stuff. I am calling on Sedie, Twink, Natalie, Jessi, Cordelia, Donna, Kari, Marla,Dawn, Jessica, Amanda, Jessica Kusine, Elizabeth, Vicki, Marvie, Regina and anyone I missed (please forgive me, I can only link so much and then I implode) to think about a pattern to submit to the 2007 Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar. What do you get? Well, not money, BUT, you will get a copy of the calendar when it comes out, Page credit and website contact info (Monster Crochet, Sherwood/One small thing!, Three Olive Designs, Nina Kate) and you will retain all rights to the design and pattern, which you can publish again.

Likewise, if you have a crochet pattern which has appeared in another venue, but for which you own the rights, you are free to submit that.

Just think about it. I did it last year (haven't seen the new calendar, but am told it is out) and my Bubbles Blanket was accepted for 2007. For now, you just have to send in basic info (all is listed on the submission form). I did link the pics from my blog and Annie Modesitt (the Knitting Heretic herself) contacted me and wanted higher res pics and an "action" pic. Since I don't have a crib, baby, stroller etc, I had to use a doll baby and I hope it's all right cause the blanket is going to someone this weekend. I could always make another if the pics aren't right. If you don't have a good digital camera, she will take a scanned pic or even, if it's a really great project, Accord Publishing will send a photographer out to photograph it.

I'm doing it for fun. I am terrible at writing patterns and do a lot of winging. This is the one time my simple ass pattern can be published. It's for my own "shits and giggles". I know some of you sell your patterns, but you could create one for the calendar and then have your site linked for selling your patterns. It's a free marketing tool! Think about it, it could be fun!

Okay, I'm done plugging it, just wanted to mention it--

Off to clean--


Jessi said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the heads up. Seems my mind hasn't been in the right frame for "designing" but I will probably give it a shot. It'll be worth it for my own little thrill. Have a better day :) I have today off, need to do some running around and I am dreading it.

Jessica said...

I was already planning on it. I've got a list of ideas... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey D! I subbed a pattern that is supposed to be in the 2006 one, and I was just thinking that I need to get off my butt and get one done for the new one. Thanks for lighting a fire under me!

I really hope that my pattern is in the 2006 one...I don't know why I keep fearing it got cut out LOL

Natalie said...

I do already have a pattern supposedly accepted for the 2007 one - my hippie hat - but I have been thinking on this lately and want to try designing something new.

Thanks for the motivation! :)

ladylinoleum said...

I'm going to submit one (or more). Annie actually emailed me (I couldn't believe it) and asked for patterns. Who knew??? I always think, no way people are going to be into my crazy crocheted crap, but thankfully I am usually wrong!

noricum said...

I've got patterns in 2006 and 2007 (I submitted one pattern too late for 2006). I'm excited to see it... I can hardly believe it. :) Do you know when we're supposed to get our calendars? I'm wondering if I have one waiting for me at home.

CraftyCritter said...

Holy Moley Deneen! I guess its worth a shot, the worse that can happen is rejection LOL!
Thanks for the push!

Hey congrats on your blankey getting in, WTG!

DAWN said...

Well, I submitted my fur shoulder wrap last year [the one that my "perdy" son was modeling for me]. I assume *hehe* it is in the 2006 calendar, but I sure didn't recieve a free one, hmmmm? Thanks for the vote of confidence in my crochet ability. And I thought no one noticed :(. Oh, and I'm gonna make your Bubbles Blanket for my niece who is expecting. Thanks.

The Shrone said...

You inspired me to clean up my computer room with your talk of messy houses! In picking up some papers on the floor I found two dried up spots of cat barf. Eeewww! (I'm so ashamed to admit that!)

Right now I can see most of the floor, and have filled the trash can. Yeah! Now, to be inspired enough to vacuum and clean up the cat mess....

Amanda said...

ok I'll do it...already have a pattern in mind just lacks writing up and a picture...sorry can't type more...finger tips killing me...learning to play guitar..thanks again...OUCH!

Marvie said...

Damn, I honestly never thought about submitting anything, not enough confidence in my abilities I guess lol. But I'll take your challenge ;) matter of fact, today I made a purse and I like it enough to give it a go. Wanna test the pattern for me?

Sedie said...

Thanks for thinking of me Deneen. I actually have one pattern that has been accepted and I'm working on a few others to submit before the deadline.

Kathy said...

My friend used to tell his twin daughters they had a three legged pig living in their room. The reason it was on three legs was because it was holding it's nose.

My bedroom and bathroom need a good cleaning this weekend too. It's been too HOT to clean.


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