Friday, August 05, 2005

Semi-creative Juices Flowing

I finished the cover up from Crochet Me! I did it in black Micro Spun. I also did a button and tie closure because it fit better that way. I can't get a good picture of it to save my life, but perhaps I will model it (shocking) and Mike can get a pic this weekend. As usual, I think I made it a little bit in the waist, hence the tie.

I am also currently working on my first baby blanket pattern. I needed something fast for a gift my mother needs. I have to tell you, it's beautiful (IMHO). I should have it finished tonight and fully written up over the weekend. What's nice about this one, is it is easily adaptable to any size you want using any yarn you want, any hook you want, etc. I'm using a stitch kinda made up by someone on Crochetville. Is it still an original pattern? I mean we use stitches that someone at one time made up every day, right?????

Today is supposed to be the last ungodly humid day, then it'll drop to a cool 88 degrees (whatever a cool 88 degrees means). My pool is a mess with leaves and needs to be vacuumed out, but there is a prediction for lots of thunderstorms this afternoon and I have to run a few errands this AM. Tomorrow is the City Wide Yard Sale in the next town over. I've gone before and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. I think the problem is they have two a year, so things tend to thin out and also, some people feel their items are worth way more than they actually are and tend to overcharge. Of course, at the end of the sale, they still have to haul the crap back in their house or garage and then they drag it out for the next sale, same prices. I actually know which places to avoid. One woman, and I hope she still lives there, sells her daughter's clothing for about a quarter to $1 each. Her daughter is a year or two older than Elena and most of the stuff still has the tags on it. Don't say "Ewwwww...yard sale clothes". The stuff is clean, new and a true bargain! Anyway, I look for craft stuff, videos, clothing items and stuff for eBay. Wish me some luck, cause thunderstorms are predicted for sometime tomorrow. I need to get some money from eBay too to feed my bead/yarn addictions.

Lori, I am having a problem understanding your weather. It's 93, but feels like 90-what the hell is that? I have never had that here. It's funny, cause in January I was wishing for summer and now, I'm wishing for winter. Not really winter, fall-winter is stinky too! I love the change of seasons, but do wish it was only about 65-70 year round. Any place like that? I thought not.

Well, errands need to be run. Lots of stuff needs to be done here too, but there's always next week.


PBnJ said...

65-70 year around? Try san diego or southern ireland... I've been looking into this for years, LOL. I _hate_ hot weather.

Now it's just a matter of saving up the funds to give over the 'pond'. I know there's no way I could deal with CA, heh, so Ireland it is. I'm anything but disappointed, heh.

Jessi said...

Oh Deneen...I laughed at your post because we are supposed to have a "cool wave" 87 degrees. That is so bad when they call 87 degrees cool. Good luck at the garage sale. And um...I'm not one to say "ick" at garage sale clothes. You can find some good stuff if you're lucky.

Joy said...

Dude, I LIVE for garage sales. Next week when I take my mini vacation to Wyoming to visit my family we are so hitting the garage sale circuit.

Hate having them, love to go to them! And second hand stores too. Definitely! :)

Stacey said...

No "eew" on the garage sale clothes from me! I buy most of my tops at thrift stores and whatnot, otherwise at clearance sales. Unfortunately I can never find jeans that fit me, though. For some reason the thrift stores only seem to have either jeans for skinny people or bigger jeans that have been hemmed up about 10 inches to fit the Wide-As-We-Are-Tall people of Xebulon V. It's very strange.

Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, Southern, CA has those temps you're looking for! We do get up there a bit in the summer, but never for very long and in the evenings, it's always beautiful! Plus, not humidity!

Marla said...

Hey Yard sale and Freecycle stuff RULES!!! Who cares if it's free/cheap?? Long as it's in good shape and looks good! Wish we'd ahve a city wide sale here!

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