Saturday, August 20, 2005

RAOK Thank Yous and some Answers

I want to thank Wendy for the fab Cotton-Ease. I do love this stuff, thanks. With as crappy as you've been feeling and to go out and get this for me, it means a lot.

Diamond sent me a postcard from the Keys. I adore Florida and all it's funky residents. Gawd, how I wish I was there. I noticed the heat and humidity hardly bother me while on vacation as long as swimming pools and beaches are involved somehow.

Wendy, the drugs I take for the arthritis are Mobic 15 mg (bid, but I take it once) and methotrexate injections weekly, which I give to myself. I know the Mobic works cause I went off of it for a while and when I went back on, relief. I'm not sure about the injections though. They started me on it a year ago, when I was hospitalized with cardial effusion and pleural effusion-complications of the lupus. I was so sick then and on so much other stuff, including mega doses of steroids, I was happy for relief, no matter what form it came in. I also had serious anemia and required an 8 hour iron transfusion, etc. Naturally, at that time, I was really sick and ended up in the hospital for about 10 days on monitors, etc. For the first time in years, after my discharge, I felt better. Anyway, I am off the methotrexate for three weeks cause I have some skin problem and it's suppressing my immune system too much and not allowing me to heal properly, so the doc wants me off it til I'm done this new medication. He claims it's in my body and built up, but I am curious because I despise the damn injections. The stuff is a chemotherapy drug that somehow works on the joints. I couldn't tolerate the pill form and even the injections make me ill the day of them (which happens to be every Saturday :(.

Anyway, the doctor feels this new antidepressant, which I won't start to wean off the Paxil til my September cruise, will help with spasms, etc. Also the physical therapy is for the spasms and arthritis and I don't know what they will do there either. What I really need is massages on the daily basis (LOL). The physician I see is the head of rheumatology at one of the biggest teaching hospitals in the country. I really trust him and he is up to date on medications and treatments and honest about what would work best, lousy side effects, etc. He never pushes anything.

Okay, done the medical shit. When I think it out, it bums me a bit.

Amanda, I am just a mom, not a super mom. Your compliments made me blush a lot. I feel so lucky to have been able to have my daughter and completely and utterly adore her. If it wasn't for her, I might just "take to my bed" and have a pity party, but she doesn't allow this (LOL). I never want her to know how sick I was or anything, she shouldn't have to worry about such things. Several of the moms in her class or my age or older, so she hasn't figured out what an "old" mom she has. She thinks I'm the best and I love her and that's all that matters. You are a great mom-you sacrifice a lot to make sure Geoff has you as a caretaker in his life and you have a lot on your plate for someone so young, I doubt I could have done it at your age. So don't think about what I would do, you know the answers and you've known them all along!

Well, we're home for the day, errands are run, Chinese lunch eaten. I have to clean the pool. No one has been in it all week, but it's full of leaves and debris from all the rain this week. Elena has a birthday party to attend tomorrow, so I have to wrap the presents. I also plan to do a little school shopping tomorrow. I hate it cause it's warm when she starts, so she really wears short sleeves and capris, shorts or skirts and then I need the warmer stuff. I hate to buy it early cause I never know when the heck a growth spurt will happen, but it generally does happen about a week after new clothes are purchased. We're going to Baltimore for a few days at the end of next week through the weekend-I have to get stuff washed and together for that. The I have to get stuff set for back to school and then the cruise to Bermuda the end of September (which I cannot wait for-9 months now I've been waiting). I have some clothes for the cruise and they will have to do.

I'm off to a day of chores. Thanks for everyone's comments!


ThreeOliveMartini said...

you had to say chinese did you ?

damn you !
now that is what i want for dinner instead of the healthy salmon and spinach salad i had planned..

you diet wrecker!

Amanda said...

LOL!! I was thinking the same I'm craving Chinese. Thanks for the compliments I got all blushy too....ok, enough of this mushy stuff, off to The New Happy Garden (my local chinese restaurant...don't ya just love the name?)

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