Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My day...update

We went to the Dragon Storyteller this morning, but then they announced story time/craft time would still be at 12:30, soooo we went home at 11:30, scarfed down lunch and went back for more stories and a decoupage craft. We didn't get back til 2:30, it's hot and cloudy now. Elena is in a tired, overstimulated (read bitchy) mood. I hate when my day feels all harried and disjointed. However, I did take out three crochet books at the library, as well as three other books being held for me. Why is it I request a book that has a long line of people waiting for it and then they all come in the exact same time????? I have 5 "must reads" here and one is already overdue and I haven't looked at it. I used to read alot, but now it's replaced with crochet/blog/crochet; you get the picture!

In response to Wendy, we do sort the toys to donate to a local daycare. Elena is good about it, but she is attached to everything and sometimes it makes it much harder to just "do it". She thinks she's helping, but you know how that goes. Also, her feelings get hurt, like I am taking her stuff away from her and to be honest, I can't deal with it. We do some stuff for donations, but the bulk I do when I can do it behind her back.

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