Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is it too hot for ya???

I am so happy to hear Lori is happy for hot weather. She is debating whether to put the A/C unit in---OMG I say!

The temp is supposed to be 97 here with high, high, high (did I make myself clear) humidity. Heat index over 105. It's too sticky and icky. The pool is back up to 90 and it feels like a lukewarm bath. I wanted to get some stuff at Wal-Mart or Target, but am actually debating whether to go because the car never cools down enough and is like a steam bath in these temps. Besides, I have a few things I want to work on. One is a "secret project" and the other is a mermaid doll. Yes, I am going to try a doll. The wrap from Crochet Me! is almost done, just finishing up some edging and then the buttons. It took me forever cause I didn't get to just sit down and do it-a little here, a little there. I also must work on a baby blanket for my mother to give as a gift. I hate when she bugs me about a freebie.

Stacey, you wanted to know how I found out about the "40 year old little tits". If you go over to my stat counter, you will see the company is I did use Bravenet, but their stats weren't as good. You load their counter and then you can go back and check your stats. I was reading everyone elses stats and had to try. There is a thing you click called "keyword searches" or something like that. The tit thing is what came up. All the others were "magnolia tree" from a long ago post and barefoot sandals from the "Cordelia Post". It really is a cool site and sign up is free and you can either have the counter showing or hidden. Interesting, geeky stuff no?

Anyway, I have a day of crocheting, laundry, kids television, swimming and sweatiness planned. What I would really like to do is curl up in bed with a good book, A/C blasting, snuggled under the covers for some reading/napping. Oh, do I have fantasies or what?

Keep cool (except for Lori, sweat it up girl)


Sara said...

Heat sucks....bad.

Lori must be a glutton for punishment. I can't wait until November...that's when it finally cools down here.

The Shrone said...

It's been such a mild summer here, but I saw today that the high in San Fransisco was 77! No wonder Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was during the summer in SF! (Or something like that!) Still, I think if he had come to Washington he easily could have said the same thing.

Kari said...

I'll have to check out the statcounter thingy (shhhh don't tell dave and tom at bravenet).

The other day we hit 100 before noon... I honestly think that Texas must be closer to hell than I thought at first rofl!

Jessi said...

I might have to try statcounter because precision counter keeps disappearing on my blog.

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