Thursday, August 04, 2005

Goodies from the postlady!

I received a postcard today from Florida....I love Florida and wish I were there, it's just as hot here, so why not have the palm trees, palmettos, lizards, white beaches.........

I also received a Christmas in July Package from the ever talented Fiona. She made her own cards, complete with wire embellishments, made sheep ornaments, and, now get this, Regina will appreciate this, sent me two bottles of hot sauce, each in it's own outfit. One was a bandito, made with the ever popular Mexicana yarn and the other was a sheriff complete with badge and lasso. Wicked awesome is all I can say. There was also a chocolate bar, completely melted (thank God Hershey's has the sealed bars now and not the wrapped) which is cooling down in the fridge and a chocolate quiz that did figure out my age, etc. That freaks me out because 1) I suck at math and 2) I really suck at math!

Also yesterday, I received a book from an elf "The Art of Seed Beading" with a section on crocheting.

How cool! Thank you all!

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