Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fifth Disease

Not really a disease, but a viral infection. See this link for more info.


Heather said...

Deneen- Thank you for posting that link! I know when my son had it I had to explain it over and over and OVER to people. lol

I hope she is feeling all better soon!! Glad the shots are over!!


Wendy said...

It is actually a pretty mild virus and most people don't even know their kids have it. The "slapped face" look gives it away, though. It is a childhood, so you shouldn't get it, you probably already have had it.

Childhood diseases are interesting. Almost a year ago Sierra got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease...yeah, that is a lovely one alright. There is nothing like having sores on your tongue, cheeks, feet, and hands. Sierra tolerated it okay. Of course, my husband who I swear was never a child, got the disease (virus) also and had it worse than Sierra. Nothing is worse than a grown man with a childhood disease!

mommiechickie said...

Aww poor munchkin!! I'm glad she is on the downside and that she is ok with her shots...now...the ice thing works great, as does a heating pad and tylenol or motrin for fever...I useally use motrin just cause it helps with the inflamation too. *hugs* to you!

Jessi said...

Yea, I had fifth's disease last year, while I was pregnant with Megan. They made me get 2 ultrasounds a week for 3 weeks, then one a week for 3 more weeks. It is a really small chance that something could happen to the baby, but still. It sucked. Mine itched too, so did dh's and my oldest's who also got the rash. People didn't know what it was when I tried explaining.

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