Friday, August 19, 2005


I have a confession to make and it's really weird. I was reading a post on Crochetville about someone going into a "real" yarn store and buying "real" yarn and I realized something, in the three years I've been hooking, I have never even seen a "real yarn store". I've only gone to Michaels, Jo-Ann and AC Moore (who added some new luxury shit that is gorgeous), but really never a LYS. I have never touched real mohair, fine baby alpaca, any Sirdar (let alone seen a $45.00 ball of yarn as Diamond buys at C'ville). I don't think I would buy a $45.00 ball of yarn, no matter how fantastic it's supposed to be. I quickly outgrew Red Heart SS, but my idea of "high end" yarn is the $10 hanks of cotton at AC Moore. I actually would love to try the Moonlight Mohair (or whatever it's called) from Lion, but am too damn cheap to buy myself the amount I need for a shawl.

I think this is why Knit Picks always has me drooling. It's nice yarn at good prices, but I never put aside the $30 I need (for that damn free shipping) to buy it all at once. I have "yarn money" set aside and I use it for local yarn. I will order from Knit Picks, but don't know when. The funny part is, for my swap things, I go out and buy nicer yarn, but for me, no.

So for now I leave you with this deep, dark secret. It kinda freaked me out when I thought about it too.


Jewels said...

Sounds kinda wierd to say this, but thank your lucky stars you haven't gone into a LYS and drooled and "yearned for yarn" that is way beyond acceptable price. I let myself go nuts in one LYS on holidays, it's a yearly treat for me I guess. It's like lusting after a movie star, feels so good but outa reach, LOL

Amanda said...

I've been in a couple and I think they're a bit overrated. And in my humble opinion anyone who would admit to buying a ball of yarn for $45 is nuckin' futs!! {To the folks who might read this, that is my opinion not Deneen's so if you've got something to say, say it to me}

jess said...

knit picks had free shipping with the code "socks" for a while there... i think it's still active. :)

I bought a $38 hank of yarn recently. 8oz, though, handpainted-- enough for 3 pairs of socks. Since I normally pay ~$12-20/100g or 4oz (cherry tree hill, koigu, lorna's laces), it was actually a good deal! I never would have dreamed of it over a year ago, though.

I love AC Moore's selection!

Wendy said...

I rarely go into my LYS, even for swaps. I once bought 2 skeins of yarn, $15 each and made myself a gorgeous asymetrical poncho. It was a total splurge and for myself, which I believe is a good thing.

I have also been eyeing knitpicks. I want some of their sock yarn, some alpaca, some of the peruvian wool and some of the shiny cotton they have. I might order this weekend.

ps...did you get anything in the mail yet?

Granny said...

I'm not alone!
I too have a problem with buying high dollar yarn for myself.
I have been in a LYS but almost fell out in the floor over the prices. :0 I'm a tight wad.

Marla said...

Come on down Deneen to Paducah and I'll introduce you to one of those "real" LYS's. The one I can't afford to go into LOL I actually have some yarn from it now but it broke me for 2 50gm hanks of merino wool sock yarn!! I can almost get it cheaper off ebay, shipping and all depending on seller and quantity.

Marla said...

*adding that was koigu wool yarn* apparently someone else knows what it is and the stuff isn't cheap!! These two pairs of socks better be worth it. Hubby doesn't know what they cost, just that they were expensive, he just said "If that's what you want, but they better be worth it".

ThreeOliveMartini said...

ooo Deneen.. i am coming up there and dragging you in one LOL ..

i love my lys but not really for yarn .. for the selection of knitting needles and patterns .. because there are somethings you just cant get at ANY Of the craft stores.. or you have to order and wait..

my LYS is nice in the fact their needles and hooks are priced comparibly to AC Moore.. actually a little less than..

i have a hard time splurging on me.. but let me tell you .. for other ppl.. i can justify in a heart beat.. i bought some Colinette yarn for a very special shrug for my best friend at home and dont regret it one bit !!

Megan said...

My LYS sucks, so I don't go there. It's one of those "cranky old lady owner, bad yarn selection" types, so it's not worth it. I do, however, ADORE Knitpicks. Especially the Andean Silk. That's actually the yarn that graces my blog button and my user pic.

It's okay that you haven't been to an LYS, not every one is great. Besides, you do beautiful work regardless of the yarn!

Amie said...

Treat youself at least once!

Jessi said... neither. The closest one to me that I know of is smack in the middle of downtown Detroit and I always have my girls with I don't think so. Then there are some in Ann Arbor 30 minutes away...but hell, my budget will not allow for a $45 hank of yarn. Jeez oh peets. What is that enough to make anyway? One hank?
Anyway. So, you're not alone, don't worry.

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