Monday, July 11, 2005

Yawn~Yawn Morning already????

I had a crappy nights sleep last night despite being absolutely exhausted when I went to bed. Mike slept poorly, hence I had a bad night. Elena also was talking so much in her sleep last night and you know how it is with moms, one ear always open.

Anyway, Elena went to bed fully drained last night. We spent the entire day swimming, cooking out, swimming, cooking out. She was so tired last night, she looked like heck and didn't want to hear how tired she was.

Anyway, she starts Michaels Craft Camp this morning. She was so excited she woke up at 6:00 AM (which made my nights sleep even more crappier-ugh). This also leads me to believe she was all excited last night when she fell asleep, which is why she was so restless last night. The camp lasts one week long and is from 9:30 to 11:30. One project per day. Since the store is about 20 minutes away, I won't come home after I drop her off. I figured, initially, I would sit in Borders, crochet and have coffee. Of course, now that the time is here I decided to: Browse Michaels today. Although they have a crappy yarn selection, I have a 40% off coupon (which is what Michaels expects) and I will shop there today. Tomorrow, off to AC Moore (which Michaels doesn't want :p). I want to get some of the Sugar and Cream for ninety-nine cents. Also, I will check out their yarns for Magic Stripes (Jess, if I can't find it there, I may need you!). I have two coupons for there, so I shall browse (although I shouldn't, I am broke, again).

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I can hook-or maybe run to Target one of the days. Since it's supposed to go up to 94 today and be wicked hot, sitting in the car and crocheting or reading is out, although the quiet time is priceless!

Anyway, I'm sure we'll swim today, hubby is cooking out again tonight, so it should be an easy day! I would love a nap, but Elena never cooperates in that department.

She's so excited about camp though. She was up at 6:00 AM and we don't leave til 9:00 and she's driving me bonkers about when we leave, but it's nice she's excited and appreciates going.

I'll run now, I have laundry in and I should actually get something done this AM before we go.

Elizabeth I hope you're home happy and safe with your nieces.

RoI talked to Lori yesterday. Three hours on the phone-yikes. The Prednisone seems to be helping and she should be going home today, I'll keep you posted.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

i am .. gonna post about the return trip on my blog its a long and kind of .. no .. really gross story ..


Sedie said...

hey Deneen, sounds like you had a memorable weekend. I think it's great that Elena is excited about going to Michael's Craft Camp, what fun that's going to be. I'm sure you'll be posting about her projects, I'd love to see.

BTW feel free to email me at sedie AT yarnobsession DOT com. I printed the pattern for the sweater you suggested. Once I get the two items I've already started done (I'll be posting about them tonight) I'll start that project. Thanks again!

Joy said...

The whole Michael's thing really annoys me. Our store here has a really crappy selection of yarn. They also keep a big stack of those Sunday newspaper inserts up front with VOID stamped right across the coupon. So if you don't get your paper, you are just SOL! *grumble*

You found Sugar 'N Cream yarn for 99 cents?! Score!!!

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