Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yarn Shopping Emergency!

Yes, I went to AC Moore today. Found the Lion Magic Stripes sock yarn in the colorway I needed (thanks Jess), bought more Fisherman's wool, since I sent out all I had as surprises and darn is Joy didn't tempt me with her dyeing adventures. If you haven't seen Joy's blog, run over, she makes me on the daily basis. I picked up some Sugar and Cream since it was $1 a ball, but they only had a few colors left (supposedly the delivery was a week late). They had a few nice colors, but just one ball or two balls, different dye lots. I also picked up some jewelry findings to make some stitch markers to send out as little gifts. All in all, I spent about $20 and had a good time. I also felt up a bunch of yarn and drooled over the more expensive yarns.

Elena loves the craft class. Today they made a painted bead and hemp keychain. I have to spray it with some enamel sealer, but it's cute. She'll be disappointed when the class is over (on Friday), but I won't. It takes 15 minutes to get there, lasts about 1 hour, which I sit and wait. I have spent way more than I wanted too while "waiting". I wish she could go all summer, but unfortunately, I do have things to do here, like cleaning out her toy room and bedroom once and for all. She wants her stove and refrigerator (toys) downstairs and I can't until some of the stuff is out of here. Frankly, the room is terribly embarrassing for the excess and sheer amount of toys.

Tomorrow the class is going to take the full two hours because they are making some handpainted fish windsock that Elena has been waiting to make since day one. I promise to post pics of her work Sedie. Elena now calls herself an "artist" and everything she makes is now "art".

I'm working on Dot's little wristbag pattern she posted yesterday on Crochetville. It's super fast and Elena will finally have her little wrist purse she's wanted. I did use cotton instead of acrylic though.

I'll post some pics tomorrow.


jess said...

glad you found the yarn! :) I look forward to seeing Elena's art. :)

ladylinoleum said...

Good for Elena. My daughter says the same thing. In fact, one of my professor's from grad school put Lena's (my daughter)art up on her website and she was just tickled by that. Then she actually participated in my artist group last year so we listed her on the card for the gallery exhibition and she handed that out to her friends. She's and "old" art chick.

Donna said...

How fun for Elena! I used to love stuff like that when I was younger...still do.

Jewels said...

haha,...I did the same, came home with 6 packs of koolaid and didn't put them in the cupboard, but put them with the yarn. I probably won't get to the project til holidays in a few weeks. I'm anxious to try it though.

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